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Several Upclose photo's of different trucks

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Hey guys. Was just going through what monster truck pictures I have and found some pics from a Monster Jam racing event in 2009. At the time, I took pictures of the trucks in the pit thinking encase one day someone wanted/needed these to make trucks.


Well was just going to offer them to anyone who wants them or if there is a place I can upload. They are high quality/high def and each pic is about 1.5 megs each, all shot up close.


Truck List:

Tropical Thunder

Maximum Destruction

Blue thunder

Shocker (fan design)


Jurassic Attack


Ninja Turtle

Time Flies (Black smith but different paint)

Grave Digger


Also have several shots of the track (It was Anaheim, CA).


Also have 11 videos from the event, I think I uploaded 2 or 3 to youtube.




backwards bob was an interesting truck....

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I remember this event quite well. Tom driving off the barricades? Dog-gone epic.

Anyways, you could probably post those photos in the "Reference Pictures" thread under monster trucks.

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