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Week 4 - (4/12/13) - Beach Street USA - Virginia Beach, VA

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Event Director: Michael DesRoches

Officials: TBA


Announcers: TBA


** 1 Show Event **




CFMTS rolls onto it's fourth week of the season after a little bit of a spring break, but the action is back in full force with a huge event in Virginia Beach, VA! Right on the beach there will be one huge monster truck show with 8 of the best trucks out there with a star studded line-up that will duke it out in racing, and freestyle competitions. Be there on Friday, April 5th, 2013 at 8:00 PM EST for all the action to unfold!


Featuring 8 CFMTS monster trucks including: Avenger (driven by Jim Koehler), Equalizer (driven by Mike Hawkins), Stone Crusher (driven by Steve Sims), Monster Magic (driven by Bryan Wright), Virginia Giant (driven by Diehl Wilson), Aftershock (driven by Bob Robbins), Krazy Train (driven by Aaron Cromer), BIGFOOT #10 (driven by Tim Missentzis)


Introduction Rules:

- Introductions will be done in Teamspeak & AIM Chat. Trucks will be announced individually.


Wheelie Contest Rules:

- 2 hits or attempts
- RII will be used for wall hit, hitting other trucks, unrealistic driving, erratic driving.
- If you flip, it will put an end to your run, no exceptions.
- 3 judges, 1-10 scoring system, wheelie contest will act as qualifying and reflect the racing brackets.

- Tiebreakers will be decided by an officials vote.


Racing Rules:

- Course: 2 hit, straight line course.

- +5 for 1-tiring ramps.
- No penalty for hitting any of the cars unless you cut them in which it is is a DNF.
- Missing a ramp will result in a DNF.
- RII for wall hits, hitting other trucks, erratic driving.


Freestyle Rules:

- 90 second freestyles.

- Realistic freestyles, RII will be used for wall hits, hitting into other trucks that are parked, unrealistic moves will also be given an RII.

- 3 judges, 1-10 scoring system.

- Tiebreakers will be decided by an officials vote.


General Rules:

- Shut off your truck after every pass on the course please.

- Please get on Teamspeak 3 for the event, event director will give out the IP for you to get on.

- This is a 1 show event.


CFMTS Schedule of Events:

9:00 PM EST - Pit Party / Chat Start

9:20 PM EST - Drivers Meeting / Field Locks-In

9:30 PM EST - Introductions

9:40 PM EST - Wheelie Contest

10:00 PM EST - Racing

10:30 PM EST - Intermission

10:40 PM EST - Freestyle

11:05 PM EST - End of Event

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i should be here for event if only there was a fps version without the water :( it takes me down to like 15-20 fps add that to being online with another truck and that would be worse for me. i will try my best tho if there isnt a way to make the track have no water.

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Event pushed pushed off until next Friday, along with San Diego & the other event.


Things WILL be organized much better for all events next week.

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Aftershock - RUNNING

Avenger - RUNNING
Bigfoot 10 - ?

Equalizer - NOT RUNNING

Krazy Train - RUNNING

Monster Magic - ?

Stone Crusher - RUNNING

Virginia Giant - ?

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i will be there i will try to get a hold of my the team capt when ever i see him on to see if he will be here.

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