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Series Information/Rules

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SMTS will be a racing series based on just totally having fun. You can expect some of the rules to be exactly the same as the events we see ran around the United States that we all know and love. We will run events as close to the real shows as possible. For some events we could have Intros(most likely smaller shows with 6 trucks.) 



AIM Chat will open up at the bottom of the hour ( :30 ). Race Chat will be at the top of the hour ( :00 ). Drivers will have 20 minutes upon the start of the AIM chat to enter the room. If a driver that signed up is not in the AIM chat within 20 minutes, we will begin bringing in alternates for the remaining 10 minutes before the top of the hour. IF A driver shows up within those 10 minutes, and an alternate has been found. The alternate will race in that persons place, no questions asked. No special treatment, no excuses. IF a driver shows up, and an alternate has not been found, they will be allowed to compete, however that driver will not be allowed to make a qualifying attempt and will receive a DNQ and be seeded at the bottom of the racing bracket.


Once your trucks name has been called in the chat, you will have one minute to get into the game. If you do not meet the one minute clock we will give your opponent a bye run. If you join during your opponents bye run, we will NOT re-run the race. We will however give the person running a re-pass to set a proper time. *NOTE* This rule will only be effective in Qualifying and Round 1! Round 2 and beyond, we will re-insert someone into the bracket that lost the previous round if a previous round winner does not make it into the game.


Smaller shows (Monster X and Monster Jam events):


All smaller shows will have a sky wheelie contest. All wheelie contests will be judged on the vertical wheelie. Not a slap wheelie, or a wheelie ridden off the car stack. Vertical pop and drop wheelies only, as it should be. Scores will be 1-30 and highest score will determine #1 seed in the racing bracket. Second highest score will determine #2 seed, etc. A hard rollover in the wheelie contest could result in your truck sitting out the racing portion of the event.


Racing inside the smaller arenas will be like we normally do. A 1 tire penalty will result in a 5 second penalty. A hard rollover in racing could result in your truck missing Freestyle.


Arguing with an official over whether or not your rollover was hard enough to miss racing/freestyle will be futile. Unless you can present your case in a civilized manor, your argument will result in your removal from the event, and removal from the series. No spoilsports are allowed here. Consider this your one and only warning.


Freestyle inside smaller venues could range from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. If you last your entire run, and feel as if you want to continue. You may for up to 1 minute after the clock expires. Once someone types "RII" though, you stop. Scores will be turned in however as soon as your time expires. So if your "Wow" factor comes 30 seconds into your  1 minute "Bonus" period, don't argue with the people scoring your freestyle if your scores low.


Stadium Events (Monster Jam, Monster X Events):


Qualifying will take place as soon as the drivers meeting concludes. 1 tire penalty will result in a 5 second penalty, Tires leaving the racing surface and getting onto the concrete will result in a DQ. On tracks that have poles, instead of turn cars, each pole will be a 5 second penalty as well. These rules apply for racing as well as qualifying.


Freestyle will take place 15 minutes after the final round. Freestyle order will be based on how the trucks would be placed in an actual show format (EX. Grave Digger and Max D will always be reserved for the final two spots in Freestyle for Monster Jam shows. Trucks like Avenger for example will receive a lower draw as well.)


Two tires leaving the performance area and hitting the concrete will result in an RII/Refire. If done twice, your run will be over. Do NOT argue with the officials on an RII call. If your truck is shut off, STOP. If you do not, I will not hesitate to remove you from future competitions.


As with every series or event I run, the more realistic you are in Freestyle the better you will score. Going into reverse, and not setting up a move will result In a lower score as well.


The bottom line here gentlemen is to have realistic events, and fun. I suggest that everyone that wishes to be involved with this series thoroughly read through these rules and understand them before signing up for an event. Thank You.


Series Director,

Josh Rhodes

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