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Car You Want to Crush The Most

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Well, I want to make crush cars, you have cars you hate. Tell me them.


Things I wont do:

  • Modern cars (Redesigned 2004-5+)
  • Expensive cars i.e. Corvette, Porsche, Lamborghini etc.
  • Curvy cars. these are a nice lady to texture, they aren't preferred (e.g. Chevrolet Venture)
  • Anything bigger than a van i don't have experiance with, and will most likely screw up. Plus getting pictures of city-buses, cement trucks etc. that are useful for texturing is also challenging

Keep in mind I may not take all suggestions.


So far:

  • Ford Aerostar (Done)
  • Ford Tempo (WIP)

Please bring on the suggestions!

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Another thing, just realized i am bad at textures, but on the places i can see any error so far you will have either covered by another car, or crushed. I'll think about what cars I want to do, I think the PT cruiser would look incredibly stupid as crush cars are mainly boxes with 2-3 cuts in them... the others are all pretty much even playing ground, the Voyager may be tough as well, but was one i was already thinking of so i will give it a shot

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Late 90's Chevy Caprice 





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