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RORMD Preseason Show 2 Minneapolis Minnesota

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After a 3 week break to better prepare and sort things out Rigs of Rods Masters of Destruction is back for our 2nd Preseason Show!

The Minneapolis Metrodome will host this show!

We will be using this track by edy http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/883-minneapolis-2012-january/


Things to know:

The event will be at 3:00 on Sunday

The chat will go up 30-15 mins prior

First 16 people to sign up are in the show and fill ins may sign up after that

It will not be like this during the season as you will be booked in shows

You still will have to qualify but it is just to make the brackets

Qualifying will be from 12PM EST to 2:30 PM EST

Message maxdrocks33 to qualify 

If you are a fill in you should still qualify so we have your time incase somone cant make it

Please read the rule book and keep in mind it will have alot of changes before the real season probably

This event will be recorded unlike last time 

Please Follow these ranks when signing up, keep in mind this isin't your season truck so you might not get this truck for the season
Gold= you have won 2 or more SM sanctioned events or have won a championship in a sm sanctioned world finals event
Silver= you have competed in 5 or more SM sanctioned events
Bronze= you haven't raced that much or at all

Truck by rank is on this https://docs.google....xNbEhSaFE#gid=0 and I give Danny Mackey credit for letting us base our ranking system off his.

Sign up in this format: 





Thank You :D

Taken Trucks: Daniel Simon in Wolverine 2013 http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/888-wolverine-pei-2013/, Blair Lockhart in Lucas Oil Crusader, Dylan Bernier in Maximum Destruction, Magnus Birkelund in Brutus, Mark Colineri in Grave Digger the Legand, Dylan Pereria in Razin Kane, Aaron Lurie in Grave Digger XX http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/760-grave-digger-xx-2013/, Zach Nicholas in Ghost Ryder, Jared Murilo in Hot Wheels, Corbin MacAuly in Wreaking Crew, Mark Galloway in Spider Man, Jeremiah Price in Titan, Devin Doss in Bad Habit, Tharindu Don in Northern Nightmare, Chadwick Deerfoot in Iron Outlaw, Dalton Hastings in Patriot

Qual Times:

1. GDTL 16.17

2. Iron Outlaw 17

3. Grave Digger 17.27

4. Lucas Oil Crusader
5.. Brutus 17.45

6. Razin Kane 18.81

7. Fired up 19.54

8. Spider-Man 19.72

9. Bad Habit 21.18

10. Wolverine 25.55 (1 Tire)

Edited by maxdfandan555

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Corbin MacAulay

Wrecking Crew



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Chadwick Deerfoot



Iron Outlaw

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