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So, since I no longer have any control of the original site I suppose it's time to move over here.
I'll just start off with some history: 
Me and Justin Spu decided back in March 2011 that we wanted to do a little tour around various tracks to race against each other. There was no set times or dates, we just ran when we felt like it. at the last couple events we got a couple more people randomly joining us. The first World Finals was a 4 truck lineup with some guy called Zack that I never heard from again winning racing and Justin winning freestyle. And that was pretty much season 1. After that we did some random events online were we told everyone to go the track we were at and come in as the drivers name of their truck, pretty much like cifpo funruns today. That was supposed to be season 2, but after I competed in a KOTH event seeing how they did it, I decided to restart a brand new season after Justin left. 
At the time it was pretty much no competition from anyone other then Sim-monsters, and after people on youtube complaining we didn't use our own tracks, I started making some crappy skp tracks. The first one we used was Stockholm 2004, as the 3rd or 4th event of Season 2. The season ended in early 2012 with Mark Collineri winning racing and Cam Seaward winning freestyle. Season 3 saw the biggest step up so far. At the end of the season 40 people had signed up, and a little over 30 actually ran. My track creation skills improved too the end, and Frank Scholten was the first one to double down for a world title!

We are now  6 events into season 4 and already have 46 people signed up from the old site and 29 people running at least once, and since I'm not making tracks anymore, nobody can complain that they fail because it's sketchup ;) 


We will just use basic rules like everyone else, so I'm not gonna bother posting a new thread explaining that.. 

Seeing as we have been getting many people lately I will do qualify in. Top 16 will make it in, but I honestly doubt that many people will show up anyway. 


I will get the sign ups, schedule and points uploaded here too.

The events will be held Saturdays as allways
Qualifying: 3:30 EST - 5:00 EST 
Chat opens 5:45
Race starts: 6:00 EST or as soon as all the drivers are set


Pretty basic really. Next event will be October 12th. 

See you there

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