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Sim Monsters
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Season 4 Schedule

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(Event over) Anaheim 2008 (Dylan)
(Event over) Bloomsburg 2013 (Edy)
(Event cancelled) Nashville 2008 (Dylan)
(Event over) San Diego 2010 (Daniel)
(Event over) Baltimore 2013 (Daniel)
(Event over) Mexicali 2013 (Luke) (Changed to Hastings) 
(Event over) Mexico City 2009 (Edy)
(Event over) Costa Rica 2012 (Edy)
(Event over) Helsinki 2009 (Me)
(11.2.2013) Stockholm 2010 (Aaron)
(11.16.2013) Arnhem 2013 (Frank)
(11.22-23.2013) World Finals (Mitch)

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