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DJM Racing Season 1 Event 2: Custom Minneapolis 10/13/13

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DJM Racing will be hosting the second event of the first season on 10/13/13 after the success of the season opener at Custom Freedom Hall.


We will be running at Custom Minny made by Julio Vellon Jr: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/1132-djm-racing-custom-minny/


Event chat will start at 2:15pm est. If you are not in the chat by 2:50pm est, you will not be in the event. Event starts at 3:00pm EST


We would also like for everyone that plans on competing for this event to leave their name, aim, and truck, so we know who to add to the event chat and the event spreadsheet. If you do not leave said information in this thread, you will not be added to the event chat.


Also, because of an issue we had last week, everybody's ingame name should be their full name, or their Sim-Monsters name. 

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