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Christmas list/what did you get thread

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So my Christmas was good. I'll start with what I got others.


Dad) appleTV

Mom) diamond necklace

Soon to be in laws:

Father in law) jonnie walker blue label

Mother in law) scrapbooking sh*t


Got her an adventure time knit stocking for her leg, a pair of white gold earrings, some perfume, and a new ankle for her prosthetic leg so she can wear heals again. That was probably her favorite present. And most expensive...

Now for what I got.

Dad gave me $1000. Mom got me(and my fiancé) a nice set of down feather pillows and a comforter. Father in law got me a bottle of illegal moonshine. Mother in law got me scratch offs caz she hates me. Fiancé got me a NI controller and mixer. My marijuana dealer gave me a free 1/2oz of sour diesel, and my coke dealer gave me a free 8ball. That's over $300 in free drugs. Be kind to your dealers y'all

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At christmas, I got a Playstation 3 with many games, some money, a 3DS game and a memory card for my Playstation 2. Oh, and my mom bought me a Minecraft account too.  :D

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