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An Official Statement from DJM Racing

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Wednesday, December 4th, 2013



As everyone may have noticed already, DJM Racing has seen a recent decline in events. This is due to other obligations and a general loss of interest in running a scheduled league.


We know many of the competitors here in DJMR had a strong interest in the league, being able to drive a truck that they personally put work into.


After many discussions, the three of us decided DJMR isn't a league that is cut out for scheduling and a strict rulebook. We strive for fun and freedom in events.


So, it is with much regret, that DJM Racing is closing up shop, and leaving the Sim-Monsters sanctioned league system.


This does not mean we are leaving completely though. DJMR started as a fun run series, ran whenever Julio, Mason, and Myself wanted to. We are planning to try to go back to that system, as it will be most convenient for the three of us and any officials.


We want to thank each and every one of our competitors that showed up at events during the past few weeks. Without you, the league wouldn't have survived week one. We also want to thank the moderators who gave us 3 noobs a chance at running an SM Sanctioned league.



Thank you all once again.






Devin Doss, Julio Vellon Jr., and Mason Watts

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