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Drawing/Photoshop Vehicle Contest #1

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Hopefully there is a decent bunch that would like to do this, paper/Photoshop up to you to decide what you want to do but please use original work (ex: don't copy something off Google and change the color and call it yours) cars, trucks monster truck whatever go nuts. Goes from now until 1/1/2014? Should be plenty of time since we could all use something to do that you don't need a beastly computer for. Have fun!


Pretty simple rules to follow

  • You have from the date on this post until January 1st 2014 (no set time just day to keep it simple)
  • Original work please

I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what everyone is capable of and hey maybe this could be a monthly or yearly thing. :)


Couple of useful things

http://www.netcarshow.com and if you need some inspiration Google "Digimods"

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hmm might get into this if i have the time to demote to it

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