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RORMD Point values

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Well, since the regular season has come to a close and I have not added season points up I have thought of a way to do things. If you think you might be here for the last chance in event on 11/14 (I will explain) and if you think you will be here on 11/21 for the World Finals me message me if you want to me to add up your points between today and 11/13, I then will put everyone points in order. Top 15 people make the world finals. Now the last chance in event is much like the young guns shootout, if you are in the next 8 down from the 15th points then you will be allowed to race in an event on the world finals track, if you win that event you will get to race in the world finals. 


Points Order

1. El Toro Loco 380

2. Brutus 284

3. Bad Habit 158

4. Iron Outlaw 92

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