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Regarding RORMD World Finals 1 and ect

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Well since no one has seemed to aim me to get their point values we will just do things the old fashioned way. To be in the World Finals you have had to compete in at least 1 RORMD event. The date of the World Finals is undetermined as a track has not been made, so everyone please remain on stand by. RORMD Season 2 will start up after the end of Big Dawgs.So we will be on hiatus until then. Next RORMD season will likely be a custom series. Due to streaming capabilities by me we will try to make our streams as realistic and professional as seen in SSRS and MROR. Any questions about season 2 feel free to aim me. When we have the track and everything setup then the World Finals thread will go up with more information.

Thank You 

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