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RORMD Season 1 World Finals 1

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Well guys the RORMD season ends here!

Who will walk out an RORMD Racing and Freestyle Champion?

We will find out this Saturday on a blazing fast J-Hook Race Track and with huge freestyle obstacles

Lets end season 1 with a bang!


Things to know:

In order to race in the World Finals you MUST have competed in one or more RORMD Shows 

In order to race you will have to qualify to make the brackets no one will get knocked out unless we get more than 18 racers

If you think you are going to be here for the event make a post so we can get an idea of how many people we will get with a post of your truck

If you wan't an encore by yourself or with a group of people aim me with the details of your encore

Encores will come on a first come, first server basis, three encore spots are avalible

We will now run a another qual session on the 17th, if you already qualified your time stays the same

Event chat will go up at 2:45 EST Saturday the 18th event was pushed up a weekend

We will be using this World Finals track by Dylan and I: (Coming Soon)

Can't wait to see you all on the track Saturday to end Season 1!

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I Think I'll make it. This new computer I got will FINALLY erase lag for good online. lol

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Congrats to Danny Mackey as our First World Finals Champion in Both Racing and Freestyle

Also would like to give a HUGE Thanks to Tharindu Don who hosted the server for us, changed it when people were starting to be idiots and joining when they feel like and help with streaming. 

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