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Sign Ups for Rigs Of Rods Wreckless Racers (sign ups will close April 19th)

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If you are not a really popular driver or a big dog please don't drive a big high truck!

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen you will sign up in this order:







Make sure you have the correct version of AIM so we wont have to have any problems. If you don't have the correct version of AIM here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/777q99p7j8j48al/Install_AIM.exe


Hope to get a lot of sign ups! This is a v4/updates only league so no customs. 

Truck List:

Monster Energy:Jeremiah Price

Spiderman:Yovany Rayos

Fox Sports 1:Jeremiah Riter

Bounty Hunter:Nicholas Miller

Monster Mutt Rottweiler2014-Colt Durham

El Toro Loco Black-Gavin Hill

Grave Digger-Hagan James


Mohawk Warrior-Henry Jacobs

Overkill Evolution-Noah Chiasson

Scooby Doo-Will Meyer

Iron Outlaw(Black)-Alex Steinhaus

Black Stallion-Daniel Donnelly

Metal Mulisha-Joshua Micks

Max D(Kane)-Kozak

Bad News 2012-Nathan Smith

Cap'ns Curse-Connor Richardson

Iron Man-Zach Nicholas

Son uva Digger-Nick Loynes

Barbarian-Trenton Ray

Lucas Oil Crusader-Bob Jones

Blue Thunder-Aaron Cruickshank

Red Baron-Antonio Rubal

NEA-Seth Holloway


Grave Digger The Legend-Mason Watts

Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 2014-Mark Colineri

Bigfoot 19-Devin Doss (Cool Truck Choice by the way)

Doomsday-Dylan Bernier   (LOL)         *SUBJECT TO CHANGE ;)^_^

Stone Crusher-Trevor Amos

Grinder Blake Thompson

Captain America-Wesley Outman

Titan-Alan Echevarria

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Name : Nick Loynes
Truck : Son Uva Digger
AIM: Tenderloyne9@aim.com
Song:Shepard of fire by avenged sevenfold

Just wanted to say thanks for running on thursday. i dont know if it has anything to do with me running my league on fridays but still thanks

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