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RoRWR: Preseason Event #1 Carrier Dome

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Lexivn    8

Ok Guys we are going to get this thing started. We will be having our first Pre-Season Event. We will be traveling all the way to the Carrier Dome. We are so excited to get this league going. If you signed up for a job such as a commentator or an rii judge or etc message me or put in this thread your skype. This event will be held on Thursday April 17th. Even though the Regular Season we will be using the booking system for the Pre-Season Events we will be doing qualifying.

Qualifying will be held on Wednesday from the hours of 4:00est-6:00est. We hope to see you there!!!!!!!!

Google Doc:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkVKTT1Y9PF2dGNGTDhYc1pDZ01Yc05yeU9WUDZickE#gid=0

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Noah Chiasson    123

I already told XmaxxDXx this, but he leaves his Skype online 24/7. He has been playing a lot of XBOX lately and I'm pretty sure he was playing the and just forgot about it.

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