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Mark Colineri

Pre-Season Event 1: Englishtown, New Jersey: June 1, 2014

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The time has come to get the inaugural season of Rigs Of Rods: Monster Outlaws underway! This season will focus on the most heated competition of any event, racing. Drivers will need to bring their skills to different venues throughout not only the country, but overseas as well. By the end of this season, the true drivers will shine. Who will be able to climb and stay atop The List?




Just to clarify for everyone, the Pre-Season races will be conducted in the normal fashion of events, although these events will still be Racing ONLY. There will be no qualifying in. If you can make the event, just post your NAME and TRUCK below, and you will be added to the list of competitors. Brackets will be Random. The typical points-breakdown will be used. By the end of this 4 week Pre-Season, the TOP 10 drivers will be ranked as such to form The List for the first week of competition in the Regular Season.




Event Times:

AIM Chat: 6:00est/5:00cst
Driver's Meeting: ~6:15-6:30est/~5:15-5:30cst


Field Of Trucks:

  1. Jon "Eyeore" Cannon - Pony Express Boobie Edition
  2. Joshua "Micks" Micks - Atomic Fallout
  3. Zach "Ghost" Steele - Haulin
  4. Hagan "Fishinator" James - West Wind Training Center: Amiin Edition
  5. Daniel "DanDon" Donnelly - Crushin' Chaos
  6. Chris "Asian Persuasion" Hamilton - Hot Wheels Adrenaline Rush
  7. Devin "Double D" Doss - Deja Vu II
  8. Tyler "Mayday" May - Snap-On Torque
  9. Edy "El Charro" Beltran - Instigator
  10. Aaron Lurie - Monster Energy Pro 4
  11. Trevor "Moses" Amos - Apex Runner
  12. Dylan "The Buckeye Bullet" Bernier -- Susan G Komen Foundation
  13. Chris "Mr. Crash" Holt - Fast and Furious
  14. Blake "Balaque" Thompson - Southern Slayer
  15. Damian "Mini Mooch" Bowers - Untapped Rage
  16. Alex "Runt" Vester - Penumbra II
  17. Alex "Voth" Lindgren - Scorched II
  18. Andrew "Bodybuilder" Sheets - Grim Reaper
  19. Aaron "Crankshaft" Cruickshank - Blue Thunder Raptor
  20. Josh Gajewski - Kontrol Freek
  21. Dalton "Bone Head" Widner - BoneHead Racing II
  22. Seth Holloway - Unstoppable II
  23. Matt "SealedGecko" Wilkinson - Bootlegger
  24. Tom "CIFPO Champion" Papaccio - Lucas Oil Trophy Truck
Edited by Mark Colineri
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