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RoRWR S1E5 Alburquerque 2014 TODAY!

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Ok guys this is the first Arena event of the season. We will be traveling all the way to Alburquerque. Now since the Arena is pretty small you are not:

*allowed to gas it on the mountain because you will hit the ceiling.

*allowed to cut the track during racing meaning cutting the white line.


Today we will be doing wheelies. But just like MROR we will be having two trucks in at a time to make wheelies faster. Only 10 people are allowed to compete because it is an arena. 

*For freestyle we will only do 1:30 seconds of time.

Make sure you HAVE THE RIGHT AIM!!!!!!


Aim Chat:7:00est

Aim Chat Closes:7:10est

Event Starts at 7:15est

Hopefully we will be having a stream today.


Well here's the sign ups:

1.Jeremiah Price/Monster Energy

2.Colt Durham/Monster Mutt Rottweiler

3.Will Meyer/Scooby Doo

4.Isiah Brown/Ground Pounder

5.Malkeyy/River Rat

6.Alex Steinhaus/Iron Outlaw

7.Dylan Bernier/Doomsday

8.Mystery Driver/Outlaw

9.Blake Thompson/Grinder


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OK Guys We have moved to today and We will be having the same sign ups but OTHER PEOPLE we have 1 sign up left. SO same time. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What a great event this was. A lot of great competition. For the first time in WR Isiah Brown in Ground Pounder Made it to the finals against Josh Gajewski in Max D but sadly. Maximum Destruction took the racing win. In wheelies. Isiah Brown took the win. But in freestyle we had a three way tie. Josh Gajewski,Will Meyer,Seth Holloway were in the tie. SEE YA NEXT WEEK FOR TRENTON 2014. ANOTHER ARENA. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!

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