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Mark Colineri

Regular Season Event 1: Reno, Nevada: July 6, 2014

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Last week in Raleigh, we saw some wild wrecks, and some wild races. In the end, Dalton Widner in BoneHead Racing 2.0 was able to come out victorious making beautiful passes all night.


At the close of the Pre-Season, the competitors saw a lot of moving around in the points. That was true for all but one of them. Joshua Micks in Atomic Fallout led Pre-Season points since the very first event in Englishtown, New Jersey and never looked back. The top 10 are filled with star-studded drivers who all have a chance to make it to number 1. Will we see a list shake-up the first week out, or will drivers sit back and see how things are going to play out? Stay tuned to find out!




As everyone is aware, the Regular Season is quite a bit different from the Pre-Season. The Regular Season rules are as follows and will remain the same throughout the season unless a change is warranted.

  • Events will be 2 hours long from the start of the first race.
  • For call-outs to start, I will make a post in the chat, and the FIRST 5(FIVE) people to message me will be able to conduct their challenge races.
  • After those 5 races, then the next 5 people to message me after I make a post will message me.
  • A racer must wait 10 minutes in to make another call-out, but that doesn't mean that racer can't be called-out.
  • Wages can be bet on each race if the racers agree to it(This is fake money just for the fun of it. Drivers will start with a set amount).
  • Drivers who are in the TOP 10 list are required to attend. If a driver on the list does not/cannot attend, they give up their spot for that night.
  • Drivers NOT ON THE TOP 10 list CAN COMPETE, they just need to post in the event thread that they plan on attending and they will be invited into the chat. 

If you can make the event, just post your NAME and TRUCK below, and you will be added to the list of competitors. There will be NO BRACKETS, races will be determined by call-outs.


I don't think a Track-X is needed this week, this track is run as a typical Chicago Style.


Event Times:

AIM Chat: 6:00est/5:00cst
Driver's Meeting: ~6:15-6:30est/~5:15-5:30cst


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