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RORWR S1E7 Toronto 2013 TONIGHT!

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Well Guys here is the "magnificent" post for event number 7. Today we will be heading all the way to the country above which is Canada. Hopefully we will see Tharindu. But the slots are now back to 16. So yea I believe this will be streamed. 

Aim Chat:7:00est


Lets make this a night to remember!!!!

1.Jeremiah Price/Monster Energy

2.Colt Durham/Monster Mutt Rottweiler

3.Chris Holt/Michigan Ice Monster

4.Zach Nicholas/Iron Man

5.Will Meyer/Scooby Doo

6.Preston Perez/Zombie

7.Dylan Bernier/Doomsday

8.Yovany Rayos/Spike

9.Tharindu Don/Northern Nightmare

10.Aaron Lurie/El Toro Loco

11.Devin Doss/Bigfoot 19

12.Joshua Micks/Metal Mulisha

13.Nicholas Miller/Bounty Hunter

14.Isiah Brown/Ground Pounder



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I know this is late but the event was good despite the enormous wait. It won't be like that next time. But Aaron Lurie in el toro loco won racing and Joshua micks inmetal mulisha won freestyle

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