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ROR-MM Season 2 Rules and Information

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It's happening due to me wanting it. Erm...


Name Change is a possibility but I'm not sure yet, if we go ahead with MMA, (Mega Motorsports Association) then it'll be after the Pre-Season. 


Rules are basically the same as last season. If you forgot the rules, here they are:


1. No Counter-steering with your rear-steer for more than half a turn. If you're caught doing it it will result in a loss of lane choice.


2. If you make a large disturbance in the AIM chat we may remove you.


3. When a RII is called please shut your truck off immediately, also turn off your sounds when exiting the game


4. There will be 3 judges and you will be given 1 minute and 30 seconds, we may do bonus time depending on the size of the show


5. Please do not argue in-game. If you think a call was wrong or you think you got under-scored, please msg me or Trevor in aim. We will tell you why you were scored the way you were or send you a picture of your race


6. No editing replica trucks


7. If you use a custom that isn't yours, you must ask permission to use it and edit it. Unless if it says you can use it.


8. We will ask you has to go early before freestyle


9. If you have a bad rollover in racing, we may not let you continue to the next round


10. Getting into the World Finals will be decided on points. Top 12 in the points will be locked in. 4 other people will have to qualify their way into the event


On the other hand, the Points system is just like last year.



Wheelie win = 5 points 

R1 loss = 1 points

R2 loss = 2 points

Semi loss = 3 points

Finals loss = 4 points

Racing win = 8 points

Freestyle win = Score based on judges. 1-30 points.


R1 loss = 4 points

R2 loss = 8 points

Semi loss = 12 points

Finals loss = 16 points

Racing win = 20 points

Freestyle win = Score based on judges. 1-30 points


The Trucks will be both Custom and Replica just like last season. Once you run that truck in an event, you may not switch trucks after that event.


Another thread will be posted on Who wants to be Track Makers/Helpers since we are allowing different people this time to help me. 


Tracks are all customs this season just like last season.


If I do not make an event, that event is therefore cancelled and moved to the next Weekend with the same drivers from that last week. 


Qualifying in events will still happen. Arena qualifying will be 8 people, Speedway qualifying will be 12 people, and stadiums will be 16 people. 


Jersey Style is making it's first ROR debut (unless SMRA does that first) in this tour and will only be at One event. The qualifying for that event, (East Rutherford) will be 16 people as the 16 people will be all racing.  


Pre-Season will have 3 events, Arena, Speedway, Stadium, And this will happen in Late September. Sign-ups will open August 14th and will stay open until the last event finishes in the season before the World Finals. The regular Season will have 8 events as 2x8=16 qualifiers. The Season is expected to begin Early November. The events will be on Sundays and this will leave us around the mark of Feb. at the World Finals. 


If you have anymore questions, please fill out below and I will reply to that. Thanks for reading everyone and I hope a great season to all. 

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Maybe my custom will be ready before the season starts :P, cant wait to run either way.

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