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ROR-MM Season 2 Helper Application.

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Well, we're gonna allow helpers (That I actually trust). Just post down below that You want to help in that certain area. I will message you on AIM if you got in so yeah. Here's the list.


Server Providers: Dylan Bernier, Joshua Micks, Wes More Available


Track Makers: Edy, Daniel Simon, Dylan Bernier, 2 more available


Helpers in events: Joshua Micks, Daniel Simon, Dylan Bernier, Wes, More Available


Judges are the same as ^


Live streaming will not be happening. However it is a possibility for the World Finals. So if you wanted to be the Live Steamer for that, go ahead.


If you have anymore questions, please fill out below and I will answer. Thanks! And have fun.

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I could Judge, as well as Film and provide commentary Events for YouTube if interested

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