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RORWR S1E9 Minneapolis 2012 (December) Tonight @ 7est

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Lexivn    8

We'll guys we have made it to the 9th event in the RORWR Season. The World Finals Track is being made at this time. It's going to be a great/rigged track. We will be having a stacked lineup here tonight. Let's make this an event to remember! There are no more server problems so this will be a smooth event.

FOR THE PEOPLE THAT DONT HAVE AIM HERE IS THE LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/?777q99p7j8j48al

Well here's the slots:

1.Jeremiah Price/Monster Energy

2.Josh Gajewski/Max D

3.Blake Thompson/Grinder

4.Will Meyer/Scooby Doo


6.Dylan Bernier/Doomsday

7.Zach Nicholas/Iron Man

8.Ninja/Son UVA Digger

9.Isiah Brown/Ground Pounder








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