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Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

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People seem to like these so i figured id show off my most recent one. Haven't started my main field poster yet but everyone IS officially qualified.

(Willing to take bets on DDS Champ lol)


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"the gangs all here" *forgets me*

wait for me!!!!!


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It is complete!!! Main Event line up poster is done and now its time to qualify!


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6 minutes ago, iZonarYT said:

The whole gangs here 


you guys really like c-10's don't ya?

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It was a wild night out here in tacoma! we had some great moments including these great wins!

First was the racing competition where terminal velocity would beat black widow in the finals


Then we had the wheelie competition where eastern terror (W.I.P) took home the win! 


Then in the donut competition, terminal velocity would take home yet another victory!


Finally, in the freestyle competition. black widow would get revenge on terminal velocity after beating him by one point!





We hope you enjoyed the show here in tacoma! make sure to tune in next week for birmingham!

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Anyone bet on No Problem? He beats Monster Energy Pro in the final round placing him in the final spot of the main field. NP beat MEP with a 14.90 to a 15.10

No Problem also laid down a time in qualifying to match the fastest qualifier in the main event - a 14.84 - so at this point idk who to give the fastest qualifier time to? When he laid down the time he was qualifying for DDS but hes now IN the main field so do i give him the top spot since DDS qualified first meaning he got the time before the main event truck?  or do i only count the main event qualifiers?

EITHER WAY: No Problem is on the search and on his way to his second WF Racing Championship, I'm excited to see how this goes.



guess who was runner up tho ;)... No Problem made it through every single round with lane choice, not once did he switch out of that right lane. In the final race the

lane didnt even bite him, Saigon just had a better run winning with a 14.76 to a 14.89.  Saigon ran the fastest time of the night in round 1 pulling a 14.57 knocking out

Little Tiger. Overall, pretty exciting racing and got a lot more action to come for freestyle. STAY TUNED!!


World Finals IX Freestyle Champion Is NIGHT LIFE score 36

Most trucks came out and gave a really great run. Most Memorable runs were Jared's Yellow Max-D, Kickstart (black and green), NIght Life, Paddy Wagon, and No Problem

(who was once again runner up). Night Life came out and instantly started with some of the biggest air of the night, following it up with a few combos, a LOT of saves (none being of the hack variety),

a huge backflip followed by another right after, and a corkscrew.  Not once did i think i would've bet on him but after this World Finals I will be!










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World Finals 10 is underway. Here is our Double Down Showdown line up:

Safe bets here would be: 

VP Mad Scientist - Prior World Finals Freestyle win (irl) and a YGS win that opened the door him making it to round 3.

Trouble Maker - Former Racing Champion

Top Gunner - Former DDS Champion

Hotline Miami II - Same node as Top Gunner

Terminal Velocity - Same node as Top Gunner



Safe bets in racing would be (in no specific order):

War Machine - very fast, usually very consistent, unless he rolls it he will be id say Semi finals depending on who he faces in the prior rounds

Wild Flower - also very fast, super stable in turns  making it easier for her to whip it around at faster speeds at the end of the straight

GD30 - WRA Racing Championship

Scarlet Bandit - Has the same node as the last WF's DDS Champ, very stable in turns but has a higher chance of over-turning and blowing a lead

DDS CHAMP - Totally dependent on who makes it through, but then again, main field is usually on another level, its possible but rare to see a DDS Champ take any REAL Championships



Qualifying is underway here at WF X with our DDS passes just wrapping up:


1. Wicked Willys - 14.86

2. XDP - 14.90

3. Team Meents - 15.17

4. Son-Uva Digger - 15.18

5. Trouble Maker - 15.24

6. Punisher - 15.25

7. Spike - 15.30

8. Hired Guns - 15.30

9. Terminal Velocity - 15.49  -- a LOT of lag coming from the use of the 3rdGenBKT's. The issue seems to only be on trilinear (and lower) texturing.

10. Takin It Easy - 15.50

11. Hotline Miami II - 15.56

12. Titan - 15.57

13. Soldier Fortune - 15.63  -- #OverSteer

14. Top Gunner - 15.71  -- #OverSteer

15. VP Mad Scientist - 16.20  -- had trouble coming out of the chicane resulting in one of the slowest times of the night.

16. Black Pearl - 16.46  -- a lot of lag but had a great run. had it not been on trilinear. a crazy finish, hard to believe, with one and a half corkscrews with the second turning into a cartwheel, there was no body damage!

If your bet had a bad time don't worry, this is only qualfying! More times to come from WF X in about 2 hours, just waiting on the main field!


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Just some of the match ups we could potentially see this season in NAMT!






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Just a few pics from the first test session of the ole beardmobile.

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