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Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

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So a little late for the tour, having some logistics issues so we were only able to bring two trucks to beautiful Bridgeport Speedway, with some great Freestyles from Fuel Injection and Hotline Miami:












Hope to see you guys next week with some more action.

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Brought Warbird (Revamped and under new management) out to Bridgeport as well. We gave a pretty good first show of our season, however we felt a little underwhelmed over all as we're still getting used to the truck and had a couple technical issues so we couldnt push our freestyle as hard as we wouldve liked to. Enough To the point that these are our only highlights in order of pic appearence: A reverse over the bus stack,  pretty big air around mid run, and a nice slap wheelie across a decent area of the floor. All things considered it was a pretty good show and we cant hang our heads too low cuz theres no where to go but up from here lol.




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@LordFrosting and I are back at it again at GALOT where he brought back the Blue for the weekend while we showed up and showed out for the fans in some wild stunt spots and some awesome dual freestyle hits. Hotline feels like a dream and from talking with Matt, Fuel Injection has never ran better, after the tough running in NAMT we found our set ups and are just having a good time with them these days. 🤙



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Here in Ionia! And we have a stacked line up tonight! we see the 2 big guns Jon Zimmer in Terminal Velocity! and Will Meyer the reigning racing champ in Hotline Blackout! But not to forget about Blake Thompson in that new Takin' it easy and @LordFrosting in the brand new Fuel Injection!



Racing took a huge surprise in the first race, Blake Thompson Upsets Jon zimmer in Terminal velocity!


With transmission issues on the line Will Meyer falls behind as Matt Tyrrell breaks that new chassis loose!


In the finals despite Matt figuring out that chassis and new truck very well, Blake gets the jump on a perfect light taking the racing win!


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Well, after some time away, and the show in Ionia, us four decided to also go to Gaithersberg, MD for another show. Racing wasn't really kept track of and was only two races, Freestyle went really well. Excited to see all these trucks battle in SMRA.



Fuel Injection handling great on it's new home







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