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Truck Making Contest! Ca$h Prizes!

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Contest will be extended 1 more month. I really hope to see some progress!

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consider bailout entered





- Contest will end 2/5/15

- Truck must be from the mid to late-90's era. (1993-1999)

MUST be a stage 3 truck (tube frame, 4 link suspension)

- If the truck was made pre 1993, but ran during 1993-1999, you may enter it in the contest

- Truck must be an exact or close to replica of a pre-existing (or still existing) truck (ex: Paul Shafer's Monster Patrol circa: 1997)

- You may use other people's parts as long as they give permission and you credit them

- Truck MUST be released to the public

- Voting will be public, will be week long. Every truck we be able to be voted for

- You MAY NOT vote for your own truck, any seen voting for their own will be disqualified

- The top 3 trucks will be selected for a final vote, I will choose the winners 1-3

- You may enter more than once, the more trucks you enter, the bigger chance you have at winning

- Anyone can win the cash prizes (ex: one person can place in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd)

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