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2000's Chevrolet/GMC Grille?

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Crazyboy335    266

I urgently need a mid 2000's Chevrolet/GMC grille from a Silverado/Sierra or Tahoe/Yukon. If you guys can help me out it would be much appreciated. I need it by Thursday. Thanks.

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Gabe2304    622

I just try searching it on Google sinceĀ I never seem to have good luck getting a body from someone on here. There are many sites that have free 3D models such as BlendSwap and TF3DM. Google's 3D Warehouse might work as well, but i'm not sure if SketchUp files can be imported to Blender. And even if the file you want isn't a Blender file (.blend) there is probably a plugin that will allow you to import it into Blender. Also I'm pretty sure the Chevy bodies used as Sudden Impact Racing trucks in the v4 pack have the grille you're looking for. I have a single-sided .blend file of the one that Matt (SealedGecko) modified for his IFS Shock Therapy. Included is the body and a bake texture.


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