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My work with NASCAR

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I don't wander much into this section of the forum but I feel bad I missed this thread before, nice work man!

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I am, sorry for the super late reply...anyways...after some drama with the team

*cough no payments, cheated a contract and with held promises cough cough*...should get that cough checked out...





LONG story short this my scheme copied by an artist they wont give the name to. So he's enjoying my credit...

This is a denied scheme from last year that I sent with 3 others. The "artist" copied over the scheme. 

Yes its Davey Allison's scheme but when I re-created it I drew the lines to certain spots to tell my work from others.

For one you'll notice the roof doesn't have the gold strip and doesnt fit the body and A-Pillar correctly, the JGL Racing logo on the rear fender on the back panel view.

Copy and paste work from my own layouts. Biggest giveaway is the logo which I did approve of...however the scheme was given away as I had the color combo on that logo

on my own render. 


Note to self, dont send cars print ready unless they are approved...graphic design is the worst to do sometimes. 


NASCAR is like a government 

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