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ROR-MM Season 2 Information & Schedule

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Welcome to the ROR: Motor Madness North American Tour of 2015! This summer we will provide a huge step forward from Season 1! As that said, I have some info with Rules, Points, and Schedule.


We got rid of Qualifying. It will be on a Sign-Up basis where you sign up with your truck and you're in.



1. No Counter-steering with your rear-steer for more than half a turn. If you're caught doing it it will result in a loss of lane choice.


2. If you make a large disturbance in the AIM chat we may remove you.


3. When a RII is called please shut your truck off immediately, also turn off your sounds when exiting the game


4. There will be 3 judges and you will be given 1 minute and 30 seconds, we may do bonus time depending on the size of the show


5. Please do not argue in-game. If you think a call was wrong or you think you got under-scored, please msg Trevor in aim. We will tell you why you were scored the way you were or send you a picture of your race


6. No editing replica trucks


7. If you use a custom that isn't yours, you must ask permission to use it and edit it.


8. We will ask you has to go early before freestyle


9. If you have a bad rollover in racing, we may not let you continue to the next round


10. Getting into the World Finals will be decided on points. Top 10 in the points will be locked in. 6 other people will have to qualify their way into the event (Yes, we cut down to 16)




R1 loss = 1 points

R2 loss = 2 points

Semi loss = 3 points

Finals loss = 4 points

Racing win = 8 points

Freestyle win = Score based on judges. 1-30 points.


R1 loss = 4 points

R2 loss = 8 points

Semi loss = 12 points

Finals loss = 16 points

Racing win = 20 points

Freestyle win = Score based on judges. 1-30 points







Dixie Speedway
Cedar Rapids, IA
SPHRA Hastings
Chico, CA




Stadium Tour
Houston, TX
Miami, FL
Anahiem, CA
San Antonio, TX
San Diego, CA
Toronto, ON

Arena Tour
Birmingham, AL
Washington DC
Edmonton, AB
Denver, CO

Speedway Tour

*All Tracks listed here could change without notice


Google Spreadsheet Document: *COMING SOON*

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I have officially signed up for this league, but the topic in which people here can sign up is locked. I can no longer make changes to my part of the sign-up sheet for this league, and I wonder who locked the topic and why.

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