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SSRS 2015 News and Information Thread


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  1. 1. How will the Play-Off Series events be held?

    • Qualifying on Friday with Racing and Freestyle on Saturday
    • Qualifying and Racing on Friday and Freestyle on Saturday
    • Qualifying, Racing, and Freestyle on Saturday

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Well, with a few weeks before the start of Preseason racing, it is time for a bunch of announcements.  This thread will serve the purpose of updating everyone in the league for any important news, information, dates, links, and anything else that will be important for this season.  This main post here will have all the constant information for the season (Rulebook, Sign-Ups Links, Schedules, Downloads, etc.), while all posts that follow will have updates that may or may not be relative for a short period of time.  


Be sure to check back here throughout the Preseason and during the Regular Season for anything that you may need to know.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions, be sure to post them in the Q&A Thread (TBP) and/or on my AIM (danny.mackey)!



Important Links and Documents


SSRS 2015 Rulebook:

In depth in rules for those looking to be thorough in understanding everything



SSRS 2015 Abridged Rulebook:

Made shorter and simpler for quick reading and easy understanding of the rules



SSRS 2015 Truck Modifications Rulebook:



SSRS 2015 List of Trucks:



SSRS 2015 Ranking System:


  • Platinum Drivers:
    • Must have at least one of the following in any of these leagues: SM S1/S2, SSRS, ORL/ROR-MO, MROR, SMRA:
      • Points Series Championship
      • Season Finale Champion
    • Must have at least one of the following in any league:
      • League event wins (10 or more overall)
        • Pre-Season wins for ROR-MO count for event wins.
  • Gold Drivers:
    • Must have at least one of the following in any of these leagues: SM S1/S2, SSRS, ORL/ROR-MO, MROR, SMRA, ROR-MTP, RTR, IMTRS:
      • Has at least 1 Championship from a Season Finale
      • Finished in the Top 10 in the overall points division.
    • Must have at least one of the following in any league:
      • League event wins (7 or more overall)
        • Pre-Season wins for ROR-MO count for event wins.
      • Points series championship (any category)


  • Silver Drivers:
    • Must have at least one of the following in any league:
      • League event wins (3 or more overall)
      • Points series championship (any category)
      • Has at least 1 Championship from a Season Finale
      • Finished in the Top 20 in the overall points division
  • Bronze Drivers:
    • Multiple seasons ran
    • Multiple special events ran
    • Runs events consistently
  • Rookie Drivers:
    • Anyone interested in joining the league.


SSRS 2015 Points:

Preseason Points:



Regular Season Points:



Team Points:



Play-Off Series Points:



Event Win Tally:



SSRS 2015 Schedule:



Regular Season:

Location (Original Date)

  1. Miami, FL (1/3/2015)
  2. Houston, TX (1/3/2015)
  3. San Antonio, TX (1/10-11/2015)
  4. Atlanta, GA (1/10/2015)
  5. Toronto, ON (1/17-18/2015)
  6. Arlington, TX (2/21/2015)
  7. Oakland, CA (2/21/2015)
  8. Detroit, MI (2/28/2015)
  9. Syracuse, NY (2/28/2015)


Red - Jersey Style

Blue - Chicago Style

Italics - Fox Sports 1 Championship Series Event

Regular - Normal Stadium Event


Regular Season Finale:

Location (Original Date)

  1. Las Vegas, NV (3/26-28/2015)


Play-Off Series:

Location (Scheduled Race Date)

  1. Open Air Field (8/8/2015)
  2. TR Stadium (8/15/2015)
  3. MS Metroplex (8/22/2015)
  4. 4Corners Coliseum (8/29/2015)


SSRS 2015 Tour Map:



SSRS 2015 Competitor Statistics:





Regular Season Finale is 19 Days Away!

Play-Off Series is 26 Days Away!


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Update for 4/19/15:

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Update for 4/21/15:

Logo has been finished.  Huge thanks to Devin Doss for making the base logo, Johan Seminario for finishing it, and Mason Watts for the photo.


Full Resolution:








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Update for 5/9/15:

Due to outside circumstances, SSRS will now be running a slightly shortened schedule this year.  We will be cutting out one Regular Season event, and moving around dates for primarily Saturday Night Events.  In doing so, we will be running every Saturday starting with whatever our next event is, all the way until the last 2 weeks of the Regular Season, which will also include 2 Friday night events.

Times and dates updated in the first post.

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Update for 5/24/15:

  • Regular Season Event 1: Friday, May 29th, 2015 @ 7:45 est @ Miami, FL
    • Event thread: TBP

Due to some unexpected plans, SSRS will be starting early, which means we get to kick off our Regular Season early at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL. 

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Update for 7/2/15:

Announcing the Qualifier Points System:

Taking (with permission) from the MROR Qualifier Points System, SSRS will be allowing the usage of qualifier points for drivers who have attempted to, and have unsuccessfully qualified for events.  Here is how it will work:


Points will be awarded as follows:

  • 0.5 points will be awarded for each pass that qualifies 29th or worse
  • 1 point will be awarded for each pass made that qualifies 28th or better
  • 2 points will be awarded for each pass made that qualifies 24th or better
  • Points will be awarded regardless if a driver ends up filling in for a given event

Points may be used as follows:

  • 12 points - automatically locked into Young Guns Shootout for Regular Season Finale*
  • 4 points - automatically locked into one racing bracket and freestyle competition**
  • 2 points - automatically locked into one obstacle course competition and freestyle competition**
  • 1 point - automatically locked into one freestyle competition**

* Lock-in still requires a qualifying pass and a bracket win to compete in full event

** Points may not be used for Regular Season Finales or Play-Off Series Events


A full listing of Qualifiers and their points can be found here:



Drivers must alert an official prior to an event for when they wish to use any amount of points, most preferably in that event's thread.

Date Changes for Events:

Due to some outside circumstances, a few event dates will be changed and are as follows:


Event 5: Toronto, ON:

NEW DATE: FRIDAY, JULY 10th, 2015: EVENT CHAT @ 5:45 est/4:45 cst

Event 7: Oakland, CA:

NEW  DATE: SUNDAY, JULY 19th, 2015: EVENT CHAT @ 6:45 est/5:45 cst


I hope everyone can accomodate these changes, given the advanced warning.  Any questions, comments, or concerns related to the date changes or Qualifier Points should be either Private Messaged to me here or on AIM (danny.mackey).

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Update for 7/17/15:

Date Changes for Events:
Here are the new dates as of July 17th for the rest of the Regular Season:
Event 6: Arlington, TX:
NEW DATE: SUNDAY, JULY 19th, 2015: EVENT CHAT @ 6:45 est/5:45 cst
Event 7: Oakland, CA:
NEW DATE: FRIDAY, JULY 24th, 2015: EVENT CHAT @ 7:45 est/6:45 cst
Event 8: Detroit, MI:
NEW DATE: SATURDAY, JULY 25th, 2015: EVENT CHAT @ 7:45 est/6:45 cst
Event 9: Syracuse, NY:
NEW DATE: SUNDAY, JULY 26th, 2015: EVENT CHAT @ 6:45 est/5:45 cst
Hopefully there won't be any more changes to schedules this season, but again, if there are any, there will be a notice posted in this thread.  Any questions, comments, or concerns can be messaged to me here or on AIM (danny.mackey).
Edited by DannyMackey

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Update for 7/21/15:

Announcing the Regular Season Finale at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV:


As the Regular Season is approaching its final weekend, and a big one in that, we are now nearly a week away from the Regular Season Finale.  What is the Regular Season Finale?  It's basically the equivalent to any other leagues World Finals event, but serves as the final event before the Play-Off Series, one last chance to get locked into the Top 16 and have a chance to win the Season Championships.  Over the course of the first 6 events, the playing field has developed into what it is now, leaving the cream of the crop leading in Overall Points as we approach Las Vegas.  Now, some may be wondering how the Regular Season Finale will work and here is an explanation:


How to get into the event:

Simplest way is to be one of the Top 23 Drivers in Overall Points after Event 8: Syracuse, NY, as of the time this is being posted the current Top 23 are as follows:

  1. Danny Mackey 425
  2. Will Meyer 367
  3. Aaron Lurie 350
  4. Devin Doss 312
  5. Blake Thompson 301
  6. Andrew Sheets 297
  7. Johan Seminario 291
  8. Joshua Micks 291
  9. Chadwick Deerfoot 285
  10. Julio Vellon Jr. 258
  11. Mason Watts 241
  12. Seth Holloway 230
  13. Jack Merkle 213
  14. Dalton Widner 197
  15. Zach Nicholas 188
  16. Dylan Dudley 148
  17. Fernando Martinez 147
  18. Michael Alford 146
  19. Colt Durham 138
  20. Julian Baumann 127
  21. John Dough 98
  22. Mark Colineri 93
  23. Griffin Bishop 86

Now as some may already know, there will be a 24th spot for the event, which will be coming from the first SSRS Young Gun's Shootout.  No, not a new concept, exactly the opposite really.  Just as its been done the past few years at the Monster Jam World Finals, we will be having a smaller racing bracket of drivers held the night before the event to award the final spot for the Finale.  How do you qualify for the Young Gun's Shootout?  Here is how it will work:


Qualifications to be in the Young Gun's Shootout:

  • Any Silver, Bronze, or Rookie ranked driver outside the Top 23 in Overall Points that is signed-up for the league before Event 8: Syracuse, NY
    • As the time of this post will include:

  1. Alan Echevarria
  2. Alex Steinhaus
  3. Austin Hopkins
  4. Ben Kelley
  5. Blaise Zantinge
  6. Bob Jones
  7. Brad Shaw
  8. Bumble Bear
  9. Cameron Cramer
  10. Colton Johnston
  11. Connor Richardson
  12. Eli Fluhr
  13. Glen Randixel
  14. Ian Summers
  15. Isiah Brown
  16. Jack McCarthy
  17. Jeremiah Price
  18. Jeremiah Riter
  19. Jeremy Hall
  20. John Hall
  21. Mark Iron
  22. Mike Russell
  23. Mist Toussaint
  24. Nick Migues
  25. Preston Perez
  26. Ryan Griffin
  27. Sava Dragojevic
  28. Trenton Ray
  29. Trevor Amos
  30. Wes Johnston
  31. William Collins
  32. Zach Steele

  • Any person with 12 or more Qualifier Points who chooses to lock themselves into the bracket


Young Gun's Shootout Event Explanation:

  • Field size is yet to be determined but can be either 8, 12, or 16 depending on the number of people qualifying for the bracket.  
  • Qualifying will be held Thursday, July 30th from 7:30 est/6:30 to 12:00 est/11:00 est
  • Young Gun's Shootout will be held Friday, July 31st with Team Speak Chat starting at 7:00 est/6:00 cst with racing starting once all competitors are present
    • Fill-ins may been need, so stick around before the YGS as you could possibly miss out on making the Regular Season Finale
  • Racing bracket will run as any other would and the winner will be crowned the Young Gun's Shootout Champion and will be given the 24th spot in the Regular Season Finale


Friday Night Qualifying Explanation:

As for the other 23 drivers and the YGS Winner there is still the event to qualify for.  Following the standard Monster Jam World Finals event, excluding the 32 truck events, we will be having qualifying on Friday Night.

  • Team Speak Chat will open once the Young Gun's Shootout concludes to conserver server slots
  • Qualifying will be held Friday, July 31st from after the Young Gun's Shootout until everyone has qualified
  • Bracket will be set the same night and will include all 24 trucks (no obstacle course competition and no freestyle only competitors)
  • Anyone who needs to qualify and won't be around must contact me either by Private Message or AIM (danny.mackey)
    • They should expect to qualify Thursday night, otherwise will have to try to qualify Saturday, which is fairly unlikely due to scheduling


Saturday Night Event Explanation:

  • Team Speak Chat will open at 6:45 est/5:45 cst and the event will begin once all drivers are present
  • All 24 drivers will be competing in the racing bracket and all 24 drivers will be freestyling
  • Following the conclusion of freestyle, the Top 16 drivers being locked into the Play-Off Series will be announced and the Regular Season Finale winners will be congratulated.


Obviously many of you may not have needed such a long explanation of the event, but at least now everyone can be as aware of what is going on.  Any questions, comments, or concerns can be messaged to me here or on AIM (danny.mackey).

Edited by DannyMackey

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Update for 8/3/15:

Announcing the SSRS Play-Off Series:


After 5 Preseason events, 8 Regular Season events, and 1 Regular Season Finale, we have finally reached the climax of the SSRS 2015 Tour, the Play-Off Series.  The Play-Off Series is the culmination of the best of the best of SSRS, the Top 16 in Overall Points after the conclusion of the Regular Season.  What is the Play-Off Series?  It is a four event tour that determines the SSRS Points Champions of the season.  Who will be competing in these events?  The Top 16 from the Overall Points of the Regular Season.  These people are:


  1. Danny Mackey
  2. Aaron Lurie
  3. Johan Seminario
  4. Andrew Sheets
  5. Blake Thompson
  6. Seth Holloway
  7. Devin Doss
  8. Jack Merkle
  9. Julio Vellon Jr.
  10. Mason Watts
  11. Joshua Micks
  12. Chadwick Deerfoot
  13. Fernando Martinez
  14. Dalton Widner
  15. Dylan Dudley
  16. John Dough

Well, I am not on this list, how can I still compete?  In trying to let people still run in these events, we will be allowing 8 extra drivers to compete in both racing and freestyle.  However, they will not be competing for points.  But, this does not mean that a Play-Off Series competitor will automatically earn 50 racing points if they get the farthest in the racing bracket and do not win.  If the best Play-Off competitor only gets to the semifinals, then they will receive the typical 30 points they normally would.  Luckily this doesn't effect freestyle, outside of who is the winner.


Now the only thing left to do is run these events.  Each event will be held for every weekend for the rest of August, running in the original four stadiums of the first Play-Off Series, Open Air Field, TR Stadium, MS Metroplex, and finally 4Corners Coliseum.  The only thing that is needed is some feedback.  


In this thread there will be a poll featured, asking how we should run the Play-Off Events, qualifying on Friday with event on Saturday, qualifying and event Saturday, or qualifying and racing Friday and freestyle Saturday.  We will be accepting responses until Thursday, August 6th at 12:00 midnight.


If you are on of the Top 16 and will not be able to compete in 2 or more events, be sure to message myself on here or AIM (danny.mackey) so we can replace you in the field with someone who can make the events.

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