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The Monster Truck Logo Thread

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Post all your monster truck logos, even if you painted it or have the original logo.


Be aware if that if you painted a logo and post it here, everyone will be able to use it on any project or another purposes. (You are free to put any watermarks or that kind of stuff on your hand painted logos). Also be aware that if you use any logos that are posted you need to give credit to anyone who made it, and if it has a water mark ask for permission to use it.

Also if you need any logo or searching for it, feel free to ask if anyone has it.

Also please when posting, especify if the logo that posted is:

  • OC (Original Creation), this means made by
  • If someone else made it put you posted it
  • If you got from any website or another thing

Updated as of July 7, 2016


Gallery of monster truck logos

Logos from any monster truck that has ever ran, from the first ever monster truck to the present

Gallery of monster jam logos

Logos used by the biggest league of monster trucks, monster jam


Monster truck cut outs, or any other thing similar to that

Misc folder

Miscellaneous logos related to monster trucks or events, as well for other things

Sponsor folder

A folder for monster truck sponsors that are used on bodies, banners, pit party's etc.


If anyone wants me to upload their logo to the gallery please do when you post your logos in the the thread, or if i uploaded someones logo and want it removed send me a PM, feel free to contribute, thanks.

Hope this thread helps.


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Thanks to all people who has contributed so far! Hope to see more people contributing on the future!

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