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Backflip ramp modeling

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On July 9, 2016 at 1:39 AM, McMonsterJam said:

Thing is, I barely know how to even move.

There's two ways to move:

1) The numpad

2) By clicking and holding the mouse wheel.

Click around more blender tutorials on the site and I'm sure a lot of blender basics are covered. Watch Danny Mackeys Track Making Basics Tutorial (I know it's almost 2 hours long, but it's worth it and really helps to introduce blender). He covers painting, texturing, prop placement, and introduces how to use Blender. Also, I'd recommend using Blender 2.49b instead of 2.65 (if you haven't already), as most tutorials have 2.49b. I hoped this helped!

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2 hours ago, McMonsterJam said:

Idk what to do again and I don't know what those are....I'm an idiot.

The numpad is in the bottom right corner of any standard keyboard. It has a key for each number 0-9. Each key moves the camera differently.

The mouse wheel is the little wheel in between what you'd use to click. It's what you would use to scroll with. To move with it you click down and hold the wheels and move the mouse and your camera in Blender will shift around your model.


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