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Stephen Hopkins

Managed Materials

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*****Not mine saved from the old site.***** Admins edit as necessary 

Posted by crazyman444 on Jan 13 2013 09:58 PM
Well just to make things easier with the occasional faces being flipped using this can cut down on sometime. Also save on material files being needed. Now this will work with chassis's and other normal parts as well as bodies, you still need to make the inside mesh though, or it will just mirror the texture on the backside.

Going to use the titan truck as a example, this can go right below the grave digger sounds

The mesh_standard can be changed to mesh_transparent as well. 


98, GraveDiggerEngine
98, GraveDiggerStarter


set_managedmaterials_options 1 <------------------------------------------------- this line is set to one, makes the mesh have 2 sides, if it is 0 it has one side

TitanPEI      mesh_standard    Chassis_Colors.png     -    <------------------- order Material name, mesh_standard, Name of texture, name of spec map(if none use "-")

TitanEngine   mesh_standard    bakedmotor.png         -
TitanSeat     mesh_standard    ISPSeat.png            -
set_managedmaterials_options 0 <---------------------------------- if you do that the materials below it only will have one side.
TitanExtras   mesh_standard    Chassis_Colors.png     -
CoanTrans     mesh_standard    CoanTransmission.png   -
TitanTcase    mesh_standard    SCStransfercase.png    -

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Personaly i hate managed materials because i find they increace lag. But could be just me.

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Managed Materials alone do not increase lag. If you use them incorrectly by using stupidly large texture sizes for both the main texture and the spec, then yes, you will have lag. But, alone, it doesn't create lag by itself.

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