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Sim Monsters
Stephen Hopkins

Rotating Banners

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*****Not mine saved from the old site.***** Admins edit as necessary. No clue who wrote this.... found this with the other "notes" 

Step 1:
Create different textures of the same idea, except slightly change them (ex. Create a banner with logos, and without to create a blinking effect as seen below)

*Banner with Logos**

**Plain Banner no logos**

Step 2:
Texture the spot you want to be animated in blender, use the first animated texture (for example, mine would be the banner with the monster jam logos)

Step 3:
Export your track, and open the material file in notepad

Step 4:
In the material file, the section with your animated texture should look like this

material (nameoftexture).jpg
   receive_shadows off
         depth_write on
         cull_hardware none
         cull_software none
         scene_blend alpha_blend
             alpha_rejection greater_equal 160
            anim_texture (texture1).jpg (texture2).jpg (texture3).jpg 15.0
            rotate_anim 0.0
            tex_address_mode clamp

Replace the (texture1,2,3 ect) with your textures names, and replace the jpg with the ending of your texture (ex. png, bmp, ect)
The number at the end of the textures, in this case 15, is the number of seconds the texture will last for, before changing to the next one in line (ex. texture1 will stay for 15 seconds before going to texture 2)

If you have done that all correctly, you should see your texture change ingame, giving it an animated type look.
I will include a notepad file of the material file code, just edit it, and paste it into the correct spot in your material file!

I hope this helps!


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I think this is mine, but even if it isn't


The 15.0 at the end is the number of seconds the rotation of all the textures lasts, not how long each individual texture lasts.

That is all.

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