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Mark Colineri

(packs) Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update

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Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update

Completely Stand-Alone


  • Adjusted Torque Curve
    • Top speed lowered, power curve changed.
  • Adjusted Grip
    • Front tires have more grip, rear tires unchanged.
  • Adjusted Tire Stiffness
    • The tires themselves are stiffer and act less like a second set of shocks for the truck.
  • Adjusted Center Of Gravity
    • Generally lowered CG on all the trucks, not the same between trucks due to shock settings, sway bars, etc.
  • Adjusted Brake Strength
    • Down from 32000 to 22000.
  • Original Shock Settings
    • Each truck has custom made shock settings to roughly replicate how the truck acts and handles in real life.
  • Edited Node-Beam
    • Each chassis type has an edited base N/B that fits that chassis. 

Trucks Included

  • Titan
  • Heavy Hitter
  • River Rat
  • Blue Thunder
  • Grave Digger The Legend
  • Son Uva Digger
  • Maximum Destruction
  • Grave Digger 20
  • Grave Digger 28
  • Grave Digger 30

Each truck is only a body, chassis, axles+components, knuckles, rims and tires for testing purposes.

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you know mark, there's one thing you forgot to mention, you added brakes to the trucks! XD but for real, this stuff feels great and it actually makes me use my brakes, crazy right? And it makes me feel bad that his tires, bodies, and axles look better than any of my work, literally crying. 

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