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2016 Winter Heat Schedule

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It is with great pleasure to announce the four tracks we will be competing on in January with Winter Heat! It isn't any small fact that HotShoe's Demolition Track Creations were some of the most technical, high speed and downright fun tracks to compete on in MTM2. Because of that we are running exclusively at his venue's for the Winter Heat season. Below is the schedule of tracks we will be competing on! Please note that exact dates have NOT been selected yet. This is due to the fact that I work retail part time and haven't gotten a hold of my schedule just yet to determine what day I will be off starting in January. When the schedule arrives I'll update threads accordingly with the actual date of competition. It will as stated in the initial postings be a Monday or Tuesday night!

Classic Division:

Stop 1:

Please download the LOW LAG Zip file so that our friends with less than perfect PC's may be able to compete with us!  http://www.mediafire.com/download/tzj7w5rzf4kl3ki/MankatoSpeedwayRenegadesTNTLOWLAG.zip

Stop 2:



Modern Division:

Stop 1:


Stop 2:




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