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Sign ups for RORFS

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The Sign up are open. we will have sign up run from Today and will close jan 31st at 11:59.59 PM Eastern Standard Time. Please leave your Game name, The truck you are going to use and your teamspeak name as well. Also we are using V4 and Replica trucks so if its a replica please add the down load link with every thing else thank you. 






Download link(if needed):

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Here are the Trucks that are taken so far. This will be updated.

Driver                                                                Truck                                                              Teamspeak

Theavenger                                                       Avenger WF16                                               Theavenger

Chevy Evolution                                                Monster Mutt 15                                             Chevy Evolution

Sud Rocks                                                         Northern Nightmare 15                                   SudRocks

Captain Canada                                                 Western Renegade(v4)                                        Captain Canada

Jack Merkle                                                       SUD 2015                                                        Jack Merkle

Alan Echevarria                                                 Monster Mutt Dalmat 15                                   Alan Echevarria

Isiah brown                                                        Madusa 14                                                      Isiah brown

Sava                                                                 Grave Digger 28                                                Sava

New_Man_Here_59                                        Lucas Oil 2015                                                   New_Man_Here_59

Michael Alford                                                  Monster energy 15                                           Michael Alford

Seth Holloway                                                 Grave Digger Legend 2015                                Seth Holloway

Chadwick Deerfoot                                            Hooked 2015                                                    CMDeerfoot

Hagan Moskau                                                 Hooligan 2015                                                 Hagan Moskau

Cameron Cramer                                            Airborne Ranger (v4)                                              Cameron Cramer

 Delolduck                                                        Stone Crusher                                                     Duckie

Titan                                                                NEA                                                                      Titan123

Death                                                              Dooms Day                                                                 Death

Joshua OBryon (JOBryon)                       WOLVERENE                                                           OBryon

jack McCarthy                                                 max d                                                                jackattack

Dirtracer57                                                    Soldier Fortune                                                   Dirtracer57

Ryan Conner                                                 Hurricane force                                                    supercharge71

Driver XXX                                                 Toxic                                                                          Driver XXX

David                                                            Zombie (arms)                                                             David


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Hooligan 2015 (Make sure to change tires to BKT tires).

Hagan Moskau



Edited by Hagan Moskau

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