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the avenger

Looking for Judges and officials

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Hi this is The avenger. I know this is sort of short notice but Our league RoRFunseries is looking for some Officials/ Judges. Please note we also would like to have our event videoed  so if you can video please tell us. During racing Me, the person recording and one other official will call the shots of penalty's and staging the drives up for there race. For freestyle the same 2 people who are recording and being official plus 2 other will score and time the run's between the 4 of you plus me we will figure out who is going to be a regulation judge and a bonus time judge. Please if you are interested please leave your game name and teamspeak name  and what you would like to do. Thank you. please let us know as our first event (after the practice event) is Friday feb 12th

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7 hours ago, JOBryon said:

are you guys still looking for drivers? If so id love to run! 


yes we are there is a sing up page here just click over there and sign up


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