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OMJL Rules/Points

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Online monster truck league 2.0

What it’s all about

OMJL 2.0 is back and bigger than ever. We started over a year ago but failed as we didn’t have our own server but times have changed and we now have our own series. Were going through all the tracks on the site to find the biggest tracks around so you can air out. It’s time to go big or go home.



**we will be using AIM**

*Arrive in AIM on time. If you need a fill-in, then message me at least 2 hours before the event begins

*If you have a problem with the call that is called message me and the officials will talk it over with you. Please do NOT start yelling at the admins.

*Once your name is called on AIM you got 2 minutes to join the server and i start the clock the minute your name is called. If you don’t show up in the first 2 minutes you will be marked down for a no show for the part of the event you missed

*We will have a Drivers meeting at the start of every event. Please don’t talk or chat during meeting.


TeamSpeak/AIM Penalties:

*1st Offense - Warning

*2nd Offense - 2 Race Suspension

*3rd Offense - Season Suspension


Racing Penalties and Rules:

*Cutting track will be a DQ

*1 tire on ramp = 5 seconds

*No tires on ramp = 10 seconds


Freestyle Rules and Penalties:

*Hard Landing on the Chassis will be a done

*No bonus time just 2 minute freestyles

*RII will be called by Nick Loynes

*When a RII is called you have 3 seconds to turn the truck off or it’s a done

*Driving out of bounds will be a RII and Any wall Hit will be a done

*Please enter and exit the stadium/arena through the tunnel and shut your trucks of before you leave.

Our Freestyle only has two judges to keep Server Lag down. Top Score you can get is 20


Points system:

Racing points

1 point for staging first round
10 points for each round won
3 points for winner
2 points for runner up
1 point for semi-finalists (could be two people that each earn the 1 point)


Freestyle points:

Its whatever your overall score is


Official Judge, RII, League owner - Nick Loynes

Official Judge, Co-owner, RII - Haynes Smith

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