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SMRA S3: West Arena Event #3, May 15th

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Outlawed    6,340
Event Time:
AIM Chat: 6:00pm est
Drivers Meeting 6:15 est
Event Start Time 6:30 est
Nampa, Idaho
Event Lineup:
Chris Hamilton in Wreckless Intent
Michael Murray in Alcohol Abuse
Zach Steele in King Air
Ike Toussaint in Death Mist Elegy
Mason Thompson in Blue Thunder
Josh Gajewski in Kontrol Freek
Tyler May in Snap-On Torque
Wheelie/Obstacle Course:
  1. Motorhead
  2. Alcohol Abuse
  3. Wreckless Intent
  4. Better Than Yours
  5. Kontrol Freek
  6. Death Mist Elegy
  7. Snap-On Torque
  8. Blue Thunder
  9. Assault Rig
  10. King Air

Freestyle Order:

  1. Kontrol Freek
  2. Assault Rig
  3. Motorhead
  4. Death Mist Elegy
  5. Blue Thunder
  6. Wreckless Intent
  7. King Air
  8. Alcohol Abuse
  9. Better Than Yours
  10. Snap-On Torque


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Mistfire333    21
7 hours ago, Outlawed said:

Event postponed to March 15th due to mothers day.

Thanks for doing that man. Sim-Monster moms everywhere are thanking you for that

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Outlawed    6,340

Event Notes:
-King Air (3 events in a row), Motorhead and Better Than Yours (two events in a row) were no shows
-Death Mist Elegy was excused.
-NIcholas Kozak filled in Assault Rig

Wheelie Winner:
Snap On Torque +$500

Obstacle Cource Results:
Snap On Torque +$2,500
Kontrol Freek +$1,500
Blue Thunder +$1,000
Alcohol Abuse +$1,000
Wreckless Intent +$700

Freestyle Results:
Wreckless Intent +$2,500
Alcohol Abuse +$1,500
Snap On Torque +$1,500
Kontrol Freek +$1,250
Blue Thunder +$1,000

Carnage Report:
Wreckless Intent x1 medium roll -$2,000
Alcohol Abuse, x2 soft rolls -$2,000
Blue Thunder x2 soft roll -$2,000

Fill ins
Nicholas Kozak +$1,000

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