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SMRA S3: East Arena Event #4, May 20th

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Outlawed    6,337
Event Time:
AIM Chat: 6:00pm est
Drivers Meeting 6:15 est
Event Start Time 6:30 est
Washington DC
Event Lineup:

Fernando Martinez in Dumb Tough
Chadwick Deerfoot in Mr.Beardman

Blair Lockhart in Pick'D
William Collins in Ace Of Spades
Blake Thompson in Night Rider
Daniel Simon in Wicked Willys
Matt Wilkinson in The Bootlegger
Nicholas Kozak in Canadian Crippler
Gunnar Moskau in SV Ready to Rumble
Hagan Moskau in Strength and Honor

Wheelie/Obstacle Course Order:

  1. SV Ready to Rumble
  2. Night Rider
  3. The Bootlegger
  4. Wicked Willys
  5. Mr.Beardman
  6. Pick'D
  7. Strength and Honor
  8. Canadian Crippler
  9. Dumb Tough
  10. Ace of Spades

Freestyle Order:

  1. Wicked Willys
  2. Dumb Tough
  3. The Bootlegger
  4. Night Rider
  5. Strength and Honor
  6. Mr.Beardman
  7. Pick'D
  8. SV Ready to Rumble
  9. Ace of Spades
  10. Canadian Crippler

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Hagan Moskau    637

Well, Gunnar and I can't make it AGAIN! We are getting new Wifi in and we will be completely cut off from 4:00 to 8 CT. So have fillins if needed.

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Hagan Moskau    637

Well, I'm most likely going to lose computer today, as a storm softened the ground and now trees are knocking down the power lines in neighboring parishes. So I'm not make it due to technical issues.

UPDATE: Gunnar's computer will not be in use tonight because of it needing a umm..... Clean up. If it's ok, I'll fill-in for SV RTR.

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Outlawed    6,337

-Dumb Tough was a no show.
-Mason Thompson filled in SV Ready to Rumble due to PC issues
-Pick'D had internet issues when he was called in.


Wheelie Winner:
Mr Beardman +$500

Obstacle Cource Results:
Canadian Crippler +$2,500
Night Rider +$1,250
Strength and Honor  +$1,000
Wicked Willys +$1,000
Ace of Spades +$1,000
The Bootlegger +$700
Mr Beardman +$700
Pick'D +$500

Freestyle Results:
Strength and Honor +$2,500
Mr Beardman +$1,500
Canadian Crippler +$1,500
Wicked Willys +$1,250
Night Rider +$1,250
The Bootlegger +$1,000
Ace of Spades +$900

Carnage Report:
The Bootlegger,  x2 wall hits and x1 violent roll -$8,000
Night Rider, x2 wall hit -$4,000
Strength and Honor, x1 soft roll and x1 wall hit -$3,000
Ace of Spades, x1 medium roll and x1 wall hit -$4,000
Canadian Crippler, x1 soft roll and x1 wall hit -$2,000
Mr Beardman, x1 medium roll -$2,000

Fill Ins:
Mason +$2,250

Edited  by Outlawed

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Hagan Moskau    637
31 minutes ago, Manny123 said:

Hey i wanna join this event what are the requirement of this event?

Check the date, it already happened. 

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