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SMRA S3: West Arena Event #4, May 22nd

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Outlawed    6,339

Event Time:

AIM Chat: 6:00pm est
Drivers Meeting 6:15 est
Event Start Time 6:30 est
Portland, Oregon (due to the track slated to be made not being finished we will have to use another in place of it)


Event Lineup:
Chris Hamilton in Wreckless Intent
Michael Murray in Alcohol Abuse
Ike Toussaint in Death Mist Elegy
Mason Thompson in Blue Thunder
Josh Gajewski in Kontrol Freek
Tyler May in Snap-On Torque
Wheelie/Obstacle Course:
  1. Alcohol Abuse
  2. Assault Rig
  3. Snap-On Torque
  4. Death Mist Elegy
  5. Wreckless Intent
  6. King Air
  7. Better Than Yours
  8. Blue Thunder
  9. Motorhead
  10. Kontrol Freek

Freestyle Order:

  1. Better Than Yours
  2. Motorhead
  3. Alcohol Abuse
  4. Death Mist Elegy
  5. King Air
  6. Snap-On Torque
  7. Assault Rig
  8. Blue Thunder
  9. Kontrol Freek
  10. Wreckless Intent

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Outlawed    6,339

Event Notes:
-Death Mist Elegy was a no show.
-Matt Wilkinson filled in Assault Rig

Wheelie Winner:
Blue Thunder +$500

Obstacle Cource Results:
Kontrol Freek +$2,500
Blue Thunder +$1,500
Snap On Torque +$1,000
Motorhead +$1,000
Better Than Yours +$1,000
Wreckless Intent +$700
Alcohol Abuse +$700

Freestyle Results:
Alcohol Abuse +$2,500
Snap On Torque +$1,500
Wreckless Intent +$1,500
Better Than Yours +$1,250
Kontrol Freek +$1,000
Blue Thunder +$1,000
Motorhead +$900

Carnage Report:
Wreckless Intent x2 soft roll and x1 wall hit -$4,000
Blue Thunder x2 wall hits -$4,000
Better Than Yours, x1 soft rolls -$1,000
Motorhead x1 soft roll -$1,000

Fill ins
Matt Wilkinson +$900

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