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SMRA S3: East Arena Event #5, May 27th

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Outlawed    6,339
Event Time:
AIM Chat: 6:00pm est
Drivers Meeting 6:15 est
Event Start Time 6:30 est
Syracuse, NY

Fernando Martinez in Dumb Tough
Chadwick Deerfoot in Mr.Beardman

Blair Lockhart in Pick'D
William Collins in Ace Of Spades
Blake Thompson in Night Rider
Daniel Simon in Wicked Willys
Matt Wilkinson in The Bootlegger
Nicholas Kozak in Canadian Crippler
Gunnar Moskau in SV Ready to Rumble
Hagan Moskau in Strength and Honor

Wheelie/Obstacle Course Order:

  1. Wicked Willys
  2. Dumb Tough
  3. Mr.Beardman
  4. Ace of Spades
  5. Pick'D
  6. Night Rider
  7. The Bootlegger
  8. Canadian Crippler
  9. SV Ready to Rumble
  10. Strength and Honor

Freestyle Order:

  1. Pick'D
  2. Canadian Crippler
  3. Mr.Beardman
  4. Strength and Honor
  5. Wicked Willys
  6. Ace of Spades
  7. Night Rider
  8. SV Ready to Rumble
  9. The Bootlegger
  10. Dumb Tough

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Hagan Moskau    637

I more than likely won't make it due to having a gym schedule later than usual (thanks a lot kiddie camps), and Gunnar and I will be eating later after that so. Gunnar and I will probably not make it.

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Outlawed    6,339
On 25/05/2016 at 10:30 PM, fernBurn said:

could make it possibly, but might leave early. So if possible, may i be put first for each competition?

that is fine Fern.

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Outlawed    6,339

-Dumb Tough, Pick'D, SV Ready to Rumble, Strength and Honor were excused
-Wicked Willys was a no show
-Mason Thompson and Jon Cannon were fill in

Wheelie Winner:
Night Rider +$500

Obstacle Cource Results:
Night Rider +$2,500
The Bootlegger +$1,250
Mr Beardman  +$1,000
Canadian Crippler +$1,000
Ace of Spades +$1,000

Freestyle Results:
Canadian Crippler +$1,500
Night Rider +$1,250
Ace Of Spades +$1,000
Mr Beardman +$900
The Bootlegger +$800

Carnage Report:
The Bootlegger,  x1 medium roll and x1 flat tire -$3,500
Night Rider, x1 soft hit -$1,500
Ace of Spades, x1 medium roll -$2,500
Mr Beardman, x1 soft roll -$1,500

Fill Ins:
Jon -$2,000
Mason +$750

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