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SMRA Season 3 Champions

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Outlawed    6,340

Stadium Tours
Overall: Mark Colineri in Working Class
Racing: Mark Colineri in Working Class
Freestyle: Andrew Wamsley in Wonder Wagon

Overall: Robbie Milburn in Red Bull Steel Phantom
Racing: Robbie Milburn in Red Bull Steel Phantom
Freestyle: Robbie Milburn in Red Bull Steel Phantom

Arena Tours
Overall: Tyler May in Snap On Torque
Racing: Tyler May in Snap On Torque
Freestyle: Tyler May in Snap On Torque

Overall: Matt Wilkinson in The Bootlegger
Racing: Matt Wilkinson in The Bootlegger
Freestyle: Chadwick Deerfoot in Mr Beardman and Nicholas Kozak in Canadian Crippler

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Outlawed    6,340

Now that the regular season has been completed, a congratulations must be giving to our SMRA season 3 overall, racing or freestyle point champions! 
With that said, here are the purse payouts for each tour (if using the google doc's for budgets, please add the purse payouts earned to "extra income" line of the last event of the specific tour you were in!).


Purse Payouts

East Arena:

Matt Wilkinson +$10,000

Chadwick Deerfoot +$10,000
Nicholas Kozak +$10,000

1st Matt Wilkinson +$20,000
2nd Nicholas Kozak +$10,000
3rd Chadwick Deerfoot +$8,000
4th Blake Thompson +$7,000
5th Blair Lockhart +$6,000
6th William Collins +$5,000
7th Daniel Simon +$4,000
8th Fernando Martinez +$3,000
9th Hagan Moskau +$2,000
10th Gunner Moskau +$1,000

West Arena

Tyler May +$10,000

Tyler May +$10,000

1st Tyler May +$20,000
2nd Mason Thompson +$10,000
3rd Chris Hamilton +$8,000
4th Micheal Murray Jr +$7,000
5th Ike Toussaint +$6,000
6th Josh Gajewski +$5,000
7th Colt Durham +$4,000
8th Jeremiah Price +$3,000

West Stadium

Mark Colineri +$10,000

Andrew Wamsley +$10,000

1st Mark Colineri +$20,000
2nd Andrew Wamsley +$15,000
3rd Damian Bowers +$12,000
4th Marcus Santana +$10,000
5th John Dough +$9,000
6th Jack McCarthy +$8,000
7th Aaron Lurie +$7,000
8th Dalton Widner +$6,000
9th Ryan McCauley +$5,000
10th Matt Demko +$4,000
11th Blaise Zantinge +$3,000

East Stadium

Robbie Milburn +$10,000

Robbie Milburn +$10,000

1st Robbie Milburn +$20,000
2nd Jon Cannon +$15,000
3rd Andrew Sheets +$12,000
4th Micheal Alford +$10,000
5th Seth Holloway +$10,000
6th Julian Baumann +$9,000
7th Zach Nicholas +$8,000
8th Will Meyer +$7,000
9th Isiah Brown +$6,000
10th Juilo Vellon Jr. +$5,000
11th Alan Echivarria +$4,000
12th Joshua Micks +$3,000
13th Danny Mackey +$2,000

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