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  2. using this truck: Amsoil Shock Therapy Link:
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  4. [TRACK] : Tim Horn's 1st Track on BeamNG Name: Tim Horn's 1st Track on BeamNG Venue: Open Field Crowd Racing Style: U Turn into St. Louis Replica or Custom: Custom Date Ran: 7-9-20 Images/Graphics:
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    even thou I personally don't play online myself but from the testing I've done I'll admit the trucks handle etc. pretty good even thou it's still in beta. there's a couple things I was interested in. (any questions are most likely referencing to final release) 1: is it possible that we can add the improvements (such new flag structure, chassis fitted N/B etc.) to stock trucks? I doubt someone has asked this already but figured I'd leave it here. 2: could anybody edit the N/B in case if there using a custom chassis? IDK if they are allowed in the league or not but if they are then what is previously said could help a lot. (I thought I had another question but I guess not lol) again it's not bad for a beta. pretty interested to see the improvements to this as time goes on.
  6. UMTC POINTS EVENT 4: Casey's XMT El Paso It seems we can't get enough of the XMT tracks, so here we are at El Paso. After taking home yet another win at the Bajarama Off-Road Challenge, Damian Bowers rolls into Thursday's event as a new threat to the competition here and he wants to pick his opponent at random, so everyone participating tonight is at risk of humiliation. On the points side of things though, Chris Bialek has also made a name for himself taking away the racing win at Montreal last week. Combine that with the fact that our #1 qualifier for Finals Week, Brian Parker, took the freestyle victory that same week with an incredible performance that left many other runs in the dust andyou get a trifecta of UMTC powerhouses. However, the welcoming of two notable competitors in Trevor Michalesko and Terron Fuller makes this event a game changer as the field most of our drivers have gotten used to has now been invaded by talented newcomers. Can Ewan Ford hang on to the points lead, or will he fly too close to the scorching El Paso sun and get overtaken by other top drivers? Discord stream starts Thursday at 7:30 PM EST! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RACING RULES: Two rules, very simple. 1. Don’t one tire or red light. 2. If you roll, and your opponent rolls, whoever got further along the flow of the map wins that race. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FREESTYLE RULES: 1. Freestyles do not need to be extremely realistic. All that I ask is that if you are going to pull off a trick that is unusual, you let me and the judges know ahead of time what it is going to be. If the trick begs for us to see what it is you have in mind, we will request that you arrange a visual example with THE JUDGES, not me. 2. You will have 5 seconds to recover from any sort of roll, and your time to recover starts the moment the top of any part of your truck makes contact with the ground. It sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple in action. No hack saves, the best you can do is play with the throttle to start a sidewall. If you begin a sidewall from being on your lid, you must obey RII if you have not yet recovered. This means that if you are given an RII while you’re still side walling, get off the throttle or kill the engine and cross your fingers. Sidewalls that produce recoveries after an RII is given will be good enough for a re-fire. 3. No hard hits allowed. Hard landings on tailgates do not count as hard hits, but even if you end up on all four wheels, violent tumbles are going to be given an RII. 4. No wall hits. Brushing the wall is fine, and having almost stopped when you hit a wall is forgiven, but only once. 5. Follow the judges and officials’ directions at all times. There is always a reason why they are telling you to do something, don’t challenge it by stalling the flow of the events. Misunderstandings or mistakes can be addressed and corrected as long as you cooperate and behave yourself. 6. Less than realistic moves that don’t come off as naturally occurring will be ignored for scoring or given as much credit as a normal backflip if they were not presented to the judges or myself ahead of time. SO MAKE SURE YOU TELL US IF YOU HAVE A SPECIAL SIGNATURE MOVE! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sign-ups cap at 6 drivers! Leftover sign-ups are fill-ins. THIS WEEK WE DO HAVE A FULL LINEUP OF COMPETITORS FROM THE OFF-ROAD CHALLENGE, YOU MUST SIGN UP HERE IF YOU WANT IN Event Time: Thursday, July 9 7:30 EST Event chat open: 7:00 EST Event start: 7:30 PM EST Links: Roster of Eligible Drivers - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xHMRxYosUaJQfPaB56TDd-f0k6OTP5Yamd2FJrO5Lx4/ Track -
    Ik it is a beta test. So here is some input on a truck that I work on irl. CRC (cory rummell chassis) the trucks dont sway that much, they are heavier than other trucks, the trucks are harder to flip/roll, the chassis is smaller than a crd (or else it wont fit a S-10 body), the truck has a wider wheelbase, four links are bigger. Ps: If you are gonna release a beta truck pack at least put a link to a test track. And another thing the truck doesn't sit that high. And another thing there are slight differences between jim's truck and corys truck. Edit: I mean a proper test track.
  7. Name: Devin Fleet Truck Blue Thunder Link: Discord: FastNFurious #1202
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Time to get crazy! Rob Morris ran this truck from the late 80s to early 90s, earning himself USHRA rookie of the year along with multiple event victories. He would later use a second truck, Red Racer, as an alternate body. This repli-custom pack continues my modern re-imaginings of classic 90s monsters which began with Invader. This is my first ground up build of a truck and I'm very proud of how it turned out! Huge thanks to @Garrett Hanson for testing the truck and helping me through numerous issues! Feel free to use in any events/leagues Ctrl + 1/2 for RII If I missed anyone in the credits, let me know and I'll update. Thanks and enjoy!
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  10. With the open beta for the NAMT trucks being uploaded, I would like for you all to provide any feedback and suggestions in this thread. The trucks are still subject to change and feedback from everyone will contribute to future changes.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is an open beta for the truck settings proposed for the next season of NAMT. The purpose of this beta is to get as much feedback as possible before we finalize these settings. Please keep in mind the drastic changes to handling that may greatly impact "traditional" driving styles on Sim-Monsters. Included chassis: CRD Cohen PEI Wilman Concussion Hall Brothers Rummel Racesource Changes made to these trucks from previous V4 trucks: Total weight reduced from ~22,000 lbs to ~12,300 lbs Total RPM increased from ~4,200 rpm to ~8,100 rpm Top speed reduced from ~68 mph to ~53 mph Currently tuned for standard stadium floor size Tire grip was tuned appropriately and more balanced between front and rear Each chassis uses a fitted node beam to improve geometry, suspension settings, and prop placement Total shock travel lengths reduced to more accurate length (should also reduce instances of sway bars inverting) New flag structure that is visual realistic, weighs less, and is non-contactable Each truck is tuned with a specific suspension settings The Wilman also features a more forward center of gravity as it is a front engine truck Trucks sport open and split differentials DISCLAIMERS: BE AWARE OF WHAT TRACK YOU ARE TESTING THESE TRUCKS ON, TRACKS USING A GRASS GRIP SETTING WILL MAKE THE TRUCKS SPIN FAR MORE THAN PREVIOUSLY. TRACKS USING GRAVEL OR NEWER CUSTOM DIRT SETTINGS SHOULD BE CONSIDERED. DO NOT BUILD TRUCKS USING THESE AS A BASE, THEY ARE STILL IN BETA. A FINAL UPLOAD, SEPARATE TO THIS, WILL BE RELEASED FOR EVERYONE TO BASE THEIR TRUCKS ON. ADDITIONAL CHANGES MAY BE MADE TO THESE BEFORE A FINAL VERSION IS RELEASED. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES MADE TO THIS DOWNLOAD. PLEASE KEEP AN OPEN MIND WHILE DRIVING THESE TRUCKS. MOST EVERYONE'S FRAME OF REFERENCE HAS BEEN OVERWEIGHT TRUCKS THAT HAVE HAD TOO MUCH POWER. Suggested testing tracks (as per grip settings used): The one who wants no credit: @Wambo Beta Testers: @AaronLurie @rockgod88 @Chris B @CMDeerfoot @Double.D ッ @Andrew @iZonarYT @fernBurn @JonnyZimmer @Zach Nicholas @Edy @CIDRA racer @Ruiner @Jack Merkle @RKM @monsterjamcod0329
  12. Tacoma 1998 is my first track with blender and it's getting there. Big thanks to @Chris B, @JackMProductions, and @TheOnlyTjrich for their help throughout the past couple of days.
    this track is sick but if u dont have a some what strong pc on the left side of the map it will fps drop
    I know that this is just a conversion with nothing else done to it so basically none of this applies to the submitter but this track should have just been rebuilt. The bar has been raised a lot as far as track quality goes in sim-monsters and this track is not even close to it. The lane flags don't even have a texture on them, they're just white. The overall lack of props makes it feel barren, big and lifeless. Furthermore, its a racing track with no timing system on it. Then there is the replica aspect. Racing here doesn't capture of the feel of the real track at all, even though the general shape is correct. The original has a much longer middle dirt lane with only a slight incline with turns and the lanes that looked real tight. In this replica the dirt lane is short with a incline that makes it basically a jump ramp.
  13. Terron Fuller Develop Terron#8100 Dangerous Dangerous - Shaman's Harvest (Acoustic)
  14. From one Floridian city to another, The Long Game moves across the state to Miami into the famous Pro Player Stadium. Just like Tampa, this racing course will be a Chicago style track, which means lots of similar lap times between this week and the previous week. In Tampa, frequent fastest-qualifier Tyler Richmond finally picked up his first racing win of the season, and it was no easy feat either. Can he repeat his success on the exact same style track? In freestyle, rainfall made track conditions difficult, but Chris Pervolarakis and Trevor Amos managed to pick up a dual freestyle win, both scoring perfect 30's. Will they have the same luck on this Miami track? Who will be able to catch up to Obsessions major points lead? All questions will be answered this Sunday! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You need to have successfully signed up for The Long Game and be a part of our Discord server in order to qualify or compete in this event. Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/WGJqyN9 Here is the list of eligible Season 2 drivers and their trucks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kAYGeYEepDm9KFRYV-b3mPGW_SYHsiEXqKgRY9JjMV4/edit?usp=sharing Be sure to look over our Official Season 2 Rulebook before competing in a TLG event https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nGH4Jjq4I5v7jghtWY5PGz8PcbHa8HZMbmpU0XD4poc/edit?usp=sharing _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Qualifying starts at 5PM EST on Thursday July 9th, 2020 on our Discord server and ends on Saturday at the same time. Message server-owner Danny Werewolf to schedule a qualifying pass. This track features a timed checkpoint race on each racing lane, so we will not be timing your passes manually. Much like the All-Star challenge, we will be accepting screenshots of your qualifying times as you perform them online with an official watching. Here are instructions on how to qualify once you are scheduled to make your passes. Press the ~ key to open the console, or drag your cursor over the in-game menu and go to Tools -> Show Console. Press the PrtScn/Print Screen key near the top of your keyboard to take a screenshot. Screenshots are found in your Documents\My Games\Rigs of Rods\screenshots folder. Send the screenshots for both of your times to the official who saw your passes in each lane. During your passes, you cannot enter a turn at 90 degrees or fully drift into the turn sideways. This applies to all turn entries and will be counted as a 5 second penalty. Qualifying times will be posted in this spreadsheet, with the top 16 making their way into the event. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Etk1ICQsUCem0rgmPHfQDG0ZD87R99aLY_emk7UEYEk/edit?usp=sharing ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Event Times and Information - Sunday, July 12th, 2020: - Drivers Meeting: 6PM EST/5PM CST (All drivers must be present for the Drivers Meeting in order to compete) - Monster Truck Racing - Monster Truck Freestyle _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Monster Truck Racing bracket (subject to change on day of event) Coming Soon Monster Truck Freestyle scores will be posted in order in this spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f5ISxsHczvsm0AZTYljwB9kf2dOpR0QFeBKYLL3Ve18/edit?usp=sharing _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This page will be updated as the week goes on leading up to Sunday. If you have any questions, contact an administrator or owner/co-owner on our Discord server.
  15. It has been many a sunrise and sunset since the end of the 2nd season of the Monster Truck Challenge, and I know many were looking forward to the beginning of season 3. We were on our way to being the first league to run leafers on the site but it became apparent that a lot more work was needed to get them right. So we postponed S3 to the same time next year with the idea that we'd have everything setup and ready to go, but as it turned out none of that ever happened. The formation of SMRA and subsequent appointment to 1 time owner and later event director ended up being my main focus for awhile, and add onto that my goals of bringing KOTH back to life and dealing with irl issues lead to MTP falling by the wayside; but things are about to change... After 5 long years, I can proudly announce that RoR MT Pro is officially back with season 3 of the Monster Truck Challenge! For the rebirth, we're going back to our roots but with a few twists. First and foremost, we'll be continuing with our racing only format featuring 2 different disciplines; straight line drag and turning course racing. But this time around instead of one event each week featuring both styles, there will be 2 separate events with each event focusing on one discipline. To that end, when you send up you will be asked to post which racing style you'd prefer because we will be breaking the racing styles up into tours. Now while we'll try to accommodate everyone, not everyone is gonna get the tour they want as we're gonna try and make sure both tours have roughly the same amount of people. As always, there will be no qualifying into these shows. If you show up, you're in, it's as simple as that; and brackets will be made at random. Each event will feature 2 full brackets, and during the first round in each we will also run wheelie contests. Each paring will get 2 hits to do their best wheelie, and when say wheelie I mean wheelies only; no other 2 wheel moves will be allowed. The winner of these wheelie contests will get bonus points added to their total at the end of the night. Also, you might have noticed a certain word I used in the title of this thread, and there is definitely a reason for it. Between each bracket of monster truck racing, we will have the MTP debut of mega truck racing and just like their bigger counterparts, they will partake in the same type of discipline depending on which tour it is (straight line hill and hole and obstacle course respectively). The mega truck deal is entirely optional, you don't have to take part if you don't want to; we're just using this season as a way to give everybody a taste of whats to come in the future. My team is currently working on getting the mega trucks ready to go so that everyone can easily build one, but I'm not gonna sit here and say it's a done deal. We're gonna try and make sure they're good to go in time for the start of things, but I can make no promises. No matter what though, the monster side of things will happen, that I can assure you. Oh, and one last thing. As far as the monster trucks go, we will be allowing all forms of trucks (replica, repli-customs, and customs, no pure leafers though) with one big absolute rule; your truck must look like (or in the case of replicas, be an actual vehicle that ran during that time frame) something that would've ran from 1995 to 2005. To explain this further, as far as chassis, tires, and production bodies go, it must have existed and been used in the irl monster truck industry during the time frame listed; I will however give some leeway on custom bodies, I just ask that you try to make it look like something that would've existed during that time frame. I will post more detailed rules in a new rulebook thread soon, that way everyone will know the exact rules that need to be adhered to. Also expect signups to open somewhere in the mid to late August/early September range, with the start of the season happening in November. I look forward to getting this back up and running and seeing how everything plays out. I apologize for letting this deal sit idle for so long, and I will try to make it up to everyone by making these events as laid back and fun as possible. In the mean time, here's a link to our brand new discord server for everyone to check out: https://discord.gg/3YCbnuz We're putting the finishing touches on it, but it's pretty much good to go for the most part.
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