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    Gonna give this 5 stars for the fact that this is the most effort you have put into a truck. Chain limit straps are awesome, however like you said could use a lot of work. Could be some small things done, maybe raise the ride height a bit, but overall a good truck! You are getting better that is for sure.
  2. .... Is this anything other than a terrifying reskin?
  3. The track poll for the next FBS event is now open! Vote on which track you want to see ran for the event!
  4. Yesterday
    Your work is continuing to get better, the chain limit straps are a nice touch, just wish the finishing work on these was better, truck feels a bit odd when landing, could possibly be a node issue or just .truck file settings that need tuning(see Johans Max-D pack as a reference for handling) and we still don't have shock towers on a truck being built in 2021? We can do better..... not to mention textures on the coils is a bit funky at times. Maybe take more time polishing up the work before deciding to make 10 different versions of the truck, its cool to have, but if the underlying truck isn
  5. Neil Wheels 2012 with the help of @RORmadness and @Hydroツ
    I Am SpeechLess, This Pack Looks So Good, A Little Bit Too Good, IT'S PERFECT!!!
    WE FINALLY HAVE A FIRE MAX-D HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Finally a PEI Boob & Toob! Handling is amazing, probably my most favorite PEI truck on Sim-Monsters at the moment
    finally a working bob and tom great job
  6. Last week
    I competed in pouncer in TLG and now that it is out. I still like how it sounds and handles.
  7. little throwback this Sunday to my last world finals truck this was a fun one and i love the way it came out my brother Tyler rayas knocked this paint out of the park and my good buddy Dalton made this piece a true drivers dream Dawson Rayas - Nitro Fish
  8. Little old but I wanted to show Camping World inspired paint for Bass Boosted I made back when Joey Sylvester unveiled his concept. Still need to change the colors of the shocks, wheels, 4-links, and swap bars.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This pack includes Max-D and Max-D Fire from 2021! This was a truck I was unsure on doing, but once I started it I posted it around and people really liked it, so I finished it. It was overall really fun to make and I might update with any other versions that happen IRL. Oh and new Chain limit straps, they dont line up at all (most trucks that have them dont) but they look cool. Each truck will show up under their own .truck. On Max-D there is: Normal, Hoodless, Qualifying, Bodyless and Pit Party (Includes the new rim covers) And on Max-D Fire there is: Normal, Hoodles
    im so glad we can have the world champion truck pouncer now, severely underrated
  10. Philly Encore Trucks are: Dragons Breath Disney XD Jetix Safe Auto Minimizer Iron Warrior M2D Camo Thunder Grave Digger Traxxas T-MAXX
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