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  2. For the 4th straight year Jamey Garner will be running the Stepp's Towing paint scheme in Orlando, but this time on the C10.
  3. ill do it but i really wanna change my truck if thats fine with yall
  4. Driver: Corey New Series you hope to get drafted to: Malicious Monster Truck Tour Years in Competition: 6 Discord: coreynew23#9108
  5. Yesterday
  6. Me Nethier to be honest with you.
  7. Driver: Blaine Davis Series: doesn’t matter but preferred is Malicious Monster Truck Tour Years in Comp: 1 year discord: brd417#0556 Sim Monsters biggest accomplishment: 3 time monster meltdown champion
  8. Name: Santa Clara 2017 Venue/Stadium: Levi's Stadium Racing Style: Chicago Style Skills & Freestyle Date Ran: April 22,2017 Photos:
  9. The time has come to vote in 10 drivers into the RORMJL All Star Challenge Draft list for Team Thompson vs Team Adam in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 17th & 18th, 2021. The poll will close March 17th and following that the draft will be March 24th. You are allowed to pick multiple drivers for your vote, but you can only submit this form once! https://forms.gle/LrzyATr5RX3hLy867
  10. Some Big RORMJL plans coming along. Little teaser for some next season stuff..
  11. In my 4 years of playing R.O.R multiplayer, I have never seen anything like this. The only thing I can recommend is try playing on a different server.
  12. Alrighty folks, we have our 8 competitors for this one. Right now the subs in order are: Marty Max Cora
  13. Name: Cora SoleraDiscord Username: Cora (She/Her)#1312Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
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