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  2. NAMT 2020 Playoff Series Rules, Explanation, and Preview As we head into the final event of the NAMT 2020 Regular Season, I want to take some time to go over what the Playoff Series is, how it works, and what to expect. What is the NAMT Playoff Series? This is a 3 event series held after the conclusion of the Regular Season. These events will consist of 24 trucks and will determine the Overall, Racing, and Freestyle Points Champions for this season of NAMT. Who will be competing in these Playoff Events? While, 24 drivers will compete in these events, only 12 will be e
  3. Here are some more videos from the 2020 season to date.
  4. Haven't kept up with this thread in a while, here are some videos from the 2018 season.
    Why does it say SOMETHING APPEARS TO BE MISSING on mediafire u need to replace the file plz fix it other than that it looks fun
    would be awesome to see a lot more real trucks on the namt chassis
  5. Yesterday
  6. My first and only experience racing in NAMT. gr
  7. Tonight's final here in Chester saw Aaron Lurie in Monster Pro 4 take on Wambo in the Wonder Wagon! Two veterans of Sim Monsters went head to head in the closest race of the night with Aaron Lurie by pixels taking the win!
  8. Weeks of NAMT: Week 1 is over finally! Took me some time to get around to it because I was hoping more submissions would come in, however, of the limited number we got, I would say all were amazing, but one stood out as a clear winner in my books, a first time submission by @zero_mass was truly awesome. Week 2: Chester, PA same rules as last week! Lets see what you got!
    NAMT...best thing uploaded to this site since the beginning...?????? In no way is that true. But I will give 2 stars for the look of the overall truck. Since it's namt...only 2 is what i can give.
    It is a good truck and would recommend you doing a Coty version.
  9. Name: Vincent Akard Truck: Wrecking Machine Truck Link: Discord: U already have it
  10. Last week
  11. why is the file gone from mediafire it leads to S o m t h i n g ap p e r s t o b e m i s s i n g
  12. The mode looks awesome just no sound
  13. so far all the projects are looking great! can't wait to see the final products
    Since this chump below me gave you a 3 stars for no reason, I'll give a honest review Truck is really good. can't find any errors besides you not changing the diffs to be only lockers. Other than that, good job!
  14. Hi I am new to this game, I used to be a very active MTM2 player many many years ago and finally came across this game. I was wondering if there is an special download I need to play the tracks and use the downloaded trucks? Also is there any leagues or series that run? And is there any programs to make your own truck and track creations? Thank You
    This is the best working truck I've found with the NAMT settings and I still can't drive the truck. lol My honesty is those NAMT settings are like the polar opposite of Swegliner849's trucks. (His non-NAMT trucks)
  15. I'm a relative newcomer to the Sim Monsters and Rigs of Rods Community, so it would mean a lot if anybody would want to participate. If anybody is interested, comment and if enough people sign up we can decide on the track and stuff
  16. Hey @Chaos2TheMax, what do you mean delete all but one? Theres gonna be many. Can you send like a screenshot or help me through this? Which number do we need to have un-deleted? Mythical_Sockeytherealone
  17. For all those who are putting “it makes my computer laggy and I can’t run it”, there is a temporary solution to this issue. 1. Open the file and delete all but one of the animation board images (so that the Jumbotron has the MJ logo). this is so that the animations don’t lag/freeze up the pc and you can easily drive on the track. (Dm me on discord at Chaos2TheMax#8628 for FPS link) thank you and have a nice day
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