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    It's definitely not a great track, but it's better than the tracks you've made prior to this so I can tell you're improving. Get rid of that tire mark texture though. It's bad. Would've definitely critiqued it more while you were working on it, but I figured it probably wouldn't have gone over well. Work on the curvature of your ramps.
    Nice! knowing the hell you went through trying to get the wall banners to work, I don't blame you for abandoning them. Solid track, well done
  2. Name: Spider-Man 2003 Body Style: 1963 Cheetah Engine: 540ci Merlin Transmission: Coan 2-Speed Tires: 66" Terra Photos/Graphics:
  3. been working on this with some help from @JackMProductions, still got some stuff to do.
  4. I really want a Spike truck for Rigs of Rods and the ones I have a broken.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I absolutely love these concepts. These kinds of concepts are so cool and creative. Reminds me of when I'd try and make monster jam tracks by stacking hotwheels cars when I was little. Awesome work
  7. the download works but all the trucks show up either without tires or white tires or no chassis at all
  8. Version 1.0.0


    I Spur of the moment decided to make a custom Syracuse, this in no way references any real shows, just the era. Enjoy! Whoever did slicks old cars comment who you are and Ill add you to the credits!
  9. Last week
  10. the double bus isn't big enough, decent track tho. good job
  11. TIM

    monster jam

    anyone wanna have a monster jam competition
  12. So, can I use these in my YouTube freestyle series?
  13. PEI Pack. Its on the site made by @rockgod88
  14. Name: Armando Barbosa Hometown: Miami, FL Discord: armando#6368
  15. Name: Rogelio Hernandez Hometown: Richmond, TX Discord: You have this info
  16. Name: Trent PhungTruck: Time FlysLink: Discord: you should have it
  17. Brier Cabral Port Charlotte, FL you know my discord
    Very nice track man! There are some flaws but a very fun track. Scaling is actually accurate unlike what others have said. My only critique would be the wall banners.
  18. Name: Jared Levandoske Hometown: Burlington Iowa Discord: superbaymax0#5632
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