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  2. Which tires do you use?
  3. Name: Tantrum Body: Off-road/RC body Chassis: PEI Paint (images of color/graphics): Other details:
  4. @diggerthechampjust uploaded a new one, Arnhem 2009. I added it to the list! Thanks Digger!
  5. gott2

    Extreme Overkill

    What an amazing deisgn from Mr. Garza, and what an amazing replica implemented into the game. Great job on every little detail. I am really amazed at how well the truck handles in straight line racing and how composed it is through the air. Once again, amazing job!
    Really good stuff
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This track was made by Frank (monsterjam0000) several years ago! I textured it, added new cars, 3d crowd, wheelchair ramp and a race script! I also made a crappy VW Transporter model so yeah..
  7. Hello! Wanted to let you all in on two Fun Runs with dates to be announced! Anyone who is interested please join the Discord server below: https://discord.gg/E27N77 I am not taking sign ups yet but under #mj-retro-event-info-etc there is a Google Spreadsheet list with possible trucks to choose from. Any questions please let me know either in my Discord DM's or down below! Thank you all and stay safe 😀
  8. everyone needs a balanced Breakfast, and trying to find out what to eat in the morning is just a flip! But never fear, Broncos are here!
  9. WorpeX

    Extreme Overkill

    I love 90s Era monster trucks! This truck looks nearly perfect compared to the real deal and it looks amazing in game. It drives very uniquely compared to most trucks and while i'm having difficulty mastering it, its a blast to drive!
    "It was designed to keep the tires on the ground as much as possible." Worked well in '95, didn't it? Just kidding, this is a great truck, amazing work!!
  10. Last week
  11. switching trucks Name: Max Silver Discord: soggyenchiladas#9920 Truck Name: Jester Truck Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xrld1wa7xb7t01g/Jester2020.zip/file Truck Theme:
  12. Out with the old... Still have some things to do. Does anyone even post in here anymore
  13. canapol

    help tires

    my tires are white help
  14. I don't think it's that bad it has Monster Energy, Great Clips MW, Crusader, and a few other good trucks. Sorry I'm new to SimMonsters, can I not use Crusader or any trucks in the pack in events?
  15. Last season I only had a NAMT logo on the scoreboard with little to no banners on each track, and I feel that adding some banners would improve the scenery a bit. However, I thought it would be more enjoyable for everyone to have the chance to contribute to the tracks we will be racing on. As such, I am looking for some fictional brands/logos/sponsors to use as banners on this season's tracks for NAMT. I would be looking for these brands and logos to match those commonly seen on Monster Jam tracks and across motorsports in general. From tires to oil products to truck parts, if you can think of a cool fictional brand, send it over and we may use it for the tracks. A good example is Zach Steele's Ghost Racing Products. The logo was made for his props but also doubled as a banner for some IMTRS tracks. For those interested, please be sure to follow these guidelines: Does not strictly have to be a motorsports related brand, any fictional brand idea that could in someway "sponsor" a monster truck show would be acceptable, e.g. fast food chains, gas stations, ect. We may use your design(s) for wall banners, containers, scoreboards, or blimps. Please consider texture size when submitting designs as this will affect where they can be used. Minimum texture size: 500px by 250px Do not add any background texturing to the image (e.g. banner textures, LED board textures, etc). We will add these as needed and would like a base texture to work from. Ideas for these designs should remain within the rules for Sim-Monsters. Any questions, comments, concerns, and submissions may be posted in this thread. Submitting a design/logo/sponsor does not guarantee that it will be used on a track. The deadline for submissions will be June 30th, 2020 at midnight est. Disclaimer: Ideas submitted are not for any real sponsorships/brand deals. No money will be exchanged between any party involved for these designs. Everything is still free as always.
  16. like he said, its a private pack. so that ultimately tells me there quite garbage lol
  17. Well it's a private truck pack that was never released on Sim Monsters, so most people on the site don't have it
  18. Lots of trucks in the pack do you not have it?
  19. MY DOG, why is that pack 300 plus MB?
  20. Will you dm me on Discord or do I have to join a group chat
    Incredible job, glad to see all the bugs worked out
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