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Well, here it is! After long and hard work, Me and Tharindu have produced a great track for this weeks MROR Event!

The racing style is a nice inside-out So-Cal style racing with a start line on top of a steep table top

Also, Please make sure to go through the small tunnel behind the jammer in the back of the stadium.

I have a lot of people to thank for the final product:

Klayton: MJ2013 Animation texture and code, dirt, stairs, support beams, crowd, tarp, Cars and RV with their textures, Ect.

Danny: MTM2 car models with textures by MTM2

Tharindu: Paint and ware marks.

Me: Model and Stadium Model.

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Guest ryan16monsterjam


For some reason I am not able to download any stadiums. I can download some trucks but cant use them. I only have the first 8 truck pack with black smith and brutus etc. I have been trying to get this game for four years and make it so I can download anything with no problems. So any advice or help would be great thanks.

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I need to point this out I thank you for making this cause I was there but there was more than one camper and for the camper at the end of the track they put it between the two cars and put the third car right in front of it other than that nice job.

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