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Atlanta, GA 2000 1

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About This File

This is a replica of the January 8, 2000 USHRA Monster Jam event at the Georgia Dome, in Atlanta, GA.

The lineup for this event included:

-Bulldozer (Rob Knell)

-Goldberg (Tom Meents)

-Grave Digger #7 (Dennis Anderson)

-Gun Slinger (Scott Hartsock)

-Predator (Allen Pezo)

-Prowler (Dave Pezo)

-Reptoid (Jim Jack)

-WCW Nitro Machine (Joe Payne)

This download contains 3 tracks: racing, and two versions of freestyle (early freestyle, with track banners intact, and late freestyle with the "worn" track).


Stadium - Casey Graves, banners & scoreboard retextured by DiggerFan

Junk Cars - Casey Graves

Ramps - DiggerFan

Signs/Banners - DiggerFan

Poles - DiggerFan

Also, thanks to Roach for testing this track.

If I forgot anyone, please notify me as soon as possible.

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 I dont think you are going to (and you dont have to if you dont want to) but it would be Nice if you were to convert it to .4 because i really dont understand the system of converting these Tracks so it would be really nice if you would do it (and it would also be really nice if you would convert New Orleans, LA 1999 to .4 because as i said (and im probably not the only one) i dont understand how to convert Tracks and puting a link to the Tutorial of converting Tracks to .4 in the Comments wouldnt really help me as i already took a look at this Tutorial and i really didnt understand it (and as i said as well you dont have to convert these Tracks to .4 if you dont want to or think that this is annoying and i should ask someone else or try doing it myself and learn how to convert Tracks to .4 or something, sorry if this is so long even tho it's just one Question would be really nice tho, and yeah it would be really dope if we had the Nitro Machine i agree on that but i dont know how to make Trucks either so yeah... im pretty much just leaving Comments everywhere and just downloading all kinds of Trucks and Tracks LOL).


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