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Well, I did a thing again. Pretty happy how this truck came out, and I hope you guys enjoy driving it! Please note, it's on a newer node beam, so some leagues may not allow this truck. Anyways, this will be the version I will be using in the upcoming SSRS season, so be sure you get it! Not much else to say but ENJOY! :D

Necessary Links (Just in case I forgot to include it in the zip)

Beau's Sound Pack

Dough's Monster Energy 2015

Crazy's Props

Titan 2014


Chris Hamilton-Prop Placement, Cloning, Rii Lights, Fuel Cell, Fuel Cell Holder, Toggle Switch

Rockcrwlr-Body, Paint, Transmission, Optima Battery, Shocks

Nick Kozak-Chassis, Headers

John Dough-Tires, Shock Placement (Cloned from Monster Energy)

Aaron Lurie-Fire Extinguisher

Crazy-Fans, Radiator, ISP Seat, Axles, Knuckles

Johan Seminario-Rims

Daniel Donnelly-Birch Rii Box, Fuel Pumps, Shifter



Edy Beltran-K&N Air Filter

Zach Steele-Switchboard

Everything Else-SmPack Makers

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im on .38 fyi and there are a few problems minor but they are kind of annoying. 1 being that the truck is too tall idk what makes this but it just is too tall. and 2 being the graphics on the truck are all mixed up

great truck but these are the things I found wrong thanx not trying to be demeaning

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Paint is wayyyy too bright. It would need to be a lot darker to match the real paint. also, the beadlock colors are not the right color blue. They are a bit lighter, unless the brightness of the paint throws off the actual color of the beads...besides that, decent truck dude.

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Plus, get in touch with some people with some better looking props. Cause some of the stuff is old v4 props, while there should be more up to date props. But like Fernando said, decent truck.

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Not sure why everyone is complaining about the props. The only outdated prop I noticed was the fuel cell which I made years ago and haven't redone and the only other option at the moment I know of is Johan's Jaz fuel cell which is not uploaded on here. The steering wheel sometimes I prefer to not have and I know some people that use a wheel would likely agree on that. I noticed a minor issue with textures on the engine but you don't really notice it unless you go looking for it but other than that I think it's excellent and it handles extremely well.

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Love the way it handles, that's for sure. Beadlocks and paint are too bright, but the chassis color is spot on. Couple of minor changes and this truck is perfect. Good job

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I love the truck! It handles very well. I just had to add some files.

What files?

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I just took the Body and Chassis and put it in the SUD(2.0) file lol, for some reason Crazy's stuff wasn't showing even though I have them downloaded. Actually pretty nice, and updated gas tank would've been cool.

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On 6/26/2015 at 5:02 AM, ken_skillz said:

WHICH VERSIOIN does it work on

It works on every version but i prefer .37

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