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Jurassic Attack and Maniac (Early 2000's) *V4 Swap* 1.0.0

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Hello, another mod from your least favorite fur on the site. This time, I swapped the NAMT Jurassic Attack and Maniac that Edy released almost a month ago, and put them onto the V4 node cause I generally like the V4 n/b better aswell as because I'm planning on using both of these in a tour I'm in. I hope this is fine because I did put a good amount of effort into it...mostly because the only meshes and textures used on both trucks were originally in the NAMT version. Here's everything I did that I can list off the top of my head, incase you're doubtful/curious.

- Body versions
- Made new setups for both (Jurassic Attack can power-wheelie just as easily)
- Both trucks are pretty good at racing
- Extended/shortened 4-link and sway bar lengths for new node
- Kept RII Lights Working (Says in vehicle description)
- Made Tires Collidible (See epic night screenshot above)
- Moved shock shaft holder to be closer to placement on Maniac
- Heavily edited/tweaked PEi Pack n/b to be closer to each chassis
- Repainted tie-rods to be closer to pictures I found
- Collidible wheelie bar! (Because why wouldn't you have one)
-A ton of moving the parts inside the .truck because I like doing that.

All the credits in the sidebar are the same as Edy's upload because basically nothing has changed with the truck aside from the nodebeam and the setup.

Just wanna say, thank you a ton Edy for making the truck in the first place. An accurate Jurassic Attack and Maniac is something people have wanted for so long, and it's wonderful to finally have them. This was a pretty fun litterally 4-day project to work on.

And yes, I got Edy's permission.

-Danny Werewolf,

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