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    A couple work in progress tracks. Still need to add some banners and other details to Metlife Stadium and add the blobs to the turn cars And this is far from done, but I'm getting somewhere
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    Sir Mixalot coming at you with a classic
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    Been up to some funny stuff I figured out how to animate stuff inside Rigs of Rods Monster Truck Madness 2 Crazy 98 King of the Hill: Japan Working on some new stadium models too: Angel Stadium Superdome Migth remake that last one due to some inacuracies on the stands and model Thanks to @AaronLurie for teaching me his stadium making techniques Also, i'm trying to figure out this heigth map funny stuff ATM
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    Another small update! I just need a few things now, I have to find a good texture for the rocks on the fountain, I need to remap the testmobile cars so I can paint them accurately for the race lanes, and I need to repaint the jump closest to the stage. But in order to do that I need a really good pic of the ramp face. Oh I also need a boat lol
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    Finishing up a track that Frank (monsterjam0000) made in like 2013/14 sometime. I have just done a few edits, added new cars and textured it.
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    Out with the old... Still have some things to do. Does anyone even post in here anymore
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    Does this look fun? P3ForLife's Leafer Madness!! In a zig zag race course with everything from straight line racing to rock bouncing to "mud" bogging! A custom track designed with the unpredictability of a leaf spring truck in mind in order to give drivers close calls, close finishes, and intense rounds! In this event, one bad bounce and you can go from hole shot leader to praying to be the fastest loser, to the win, all in just about a minute! No but seriously this is the first track I've ever been able to get in game with nothing going wrong. I made it just for fun to practice exporting and getting stuff in game but I like it
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    getting the drawing tablet thingy was cool
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    Ok so I made this whole thing, but with so many new releases maybe i will re locate to mt. pleasant or bridgeport, thoughts? (I had to widen galot to fit this.)
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    Two years after the inaugural season of North American Monster Trucks, NAMT IS BACK! This season, we will see drivers tackling tracks all across North America in a 10 stop tour. However the action won’t stop after Week 10. Returning for the first time in 5 years, NAMT will be hosting a 4 stop Playoff Series. The top competitors of the tour will compete for the NAMT Points Championships, while everyone else battles it out, trying to upset the competition and disrupt the points chase! Here’s the breakdown of the season as currently planned: 10 Regular Season events 4 event Playoff Series Regular Season events will consist of 16 trucks, all competing in racing and freestyle Play-Off Series consisting of 12 locked-in drivers competing for points and 12 qualifying drivers trying to upset the field Events are qualify-in only (fastest of two laps) Tracks will be of a custom design in real life stadiums Trucks will be customs only (more details to follow) More announcements will be made in the coming weeks, as the season will kick off in July! Credit to @acdcfan56 for the great new logos. Check out the Discord here: http://discord.gg/yMHEzTA
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    So just a lil update one wf8. Progress is slow but it's coming along. The double, fountain, tanker/tires and most of the center jump are finished in the paint booth. I dont really like how the face looks but I have nothing but time. The racing lanes are probably my next venture.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is pretty much as good as it gets Made from the actual blueprints the real truck was built from in 1993-1994 by the Overkill team, also supplied were weights, gear ratios, test, and rare footage of the truck. As stated this is a truck built for racing and does not handle like grave digger..... I've a little over a year on this and I could easily spend another, but it's close enough where I don't think that's necessary. blaise helped a lot with the N/B to get the trailing arms to work, and with the differentials damain assisted with the shock package
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    Version v1


    Have been working on this on and off over the past few months, has a new prop system using flexbodies for perfect alignment, as well as skinzips. One note is, due to an RoR bug, the FELD version may sometimes spawn without a few props, the next RoR update will fix this. Thanks to @Steele and @iZonarYT For testing and other behind the scenes help
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    Driver: Currently Unemployed FELD Athlete #19 Truck: Speed Energy Discord: Teamspeak bro Hometown (Optional): CIFPO Download Link: Truck Song (Optional):
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    Version 1.0.0


    2 months in the working, Wild Hair is finally public! My first scratch-made truck, and Natalia (@Brkn_Warrior0692's) first chassis, body and paint on Rigs Of Rods, coming from MTM2. I have to thank Cora Solera for getting in touch with Jason Witte for the chassis shots, we wouldn't be this far without them. Thanks to @Mark Colinerifor remodeling the Natalia's chassis, fixing a few mistakes. Please enjoy! Propping, Wiring, Foam - Me Paint Reference/Other Pictures - Jack Meredith Transfer Case, Gearbox, Optima Batteries - RockCrwlr Radio & Push To Talk, Autometers, ARC Switch Panel - Zach Steele RII Box - DanDon Fuel And Power - CrazyMan444 MSD Ignition, Driveshaft, Knuckles, Tierod, Swaybar, Swaybar-Link, Node Beam - rockgod88 Driver - Helen Weales Driver Fire suit texture - Joshwa Tavarez Old Racing Seat - DiggerFan Hotfoot - Johan Seminario Derale Engine Fan & Radiator, Fuel Cell, Merlin Engine, Fire Extinguisher - fernBurn Mini Template - ZonR Please DM me if I missed any credits. Credits make me anxious.
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    My rendition of Monster Truck Madness 2 track, Crazy 98. I hope you have fun on this and enjoy playing on it, i recommend using the FPS version if you are playing online with friends! This was a fun project to work on. Extra credits because the credit system doesn't let me credit anyone that isn't on the site: ashes48 - Dust Particle effect & Loader Sounds LJFHutch - Tree models free3d - Blimp Model Terminal Reality - Dinosaur Model (Edited by me) Texture Heaven, cc0textures, PBR Textures - Grass, metal, dirt textures & spec maps Thanks to @4x4convoy & @CuriousMike for the support with the soundloads, particle systems and animations. Thanks to my friends @RKM @LordFrosting @AaronLurie @Torque Easy @Double.D ッ @CIDRA racer @Wambo @Mark Colineri @CMDeerfoot @Chris Hamilton who helped me test this track. AND A BIG BIG BIG thanks to @JackMProductions for all the help and references he gave me Please send any bugs/crashes you find to me on Discord FAQ 1.- You should make "X" track from MTM2 This track is the first track of my project to remake all the MTM2 tracks, that includes revamaping the ones i've done in the past 2.- How did you make the objects move/added sound/added particles? I'll eventually do tutorials on how make these when i eventually "master" the topic
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    Version 1.0.0


    Matt Cody's Blue Thunder which he is currently running on his new Eddie chassis! Please enjoy! Body Patriotic Canadian Paint/Livery fernBurn Chassis Outlawed Axle Mark Colineri Shocks Mark Colineri Engine fernBurn Headers fernBurn Steele Transmission RockCrwlr Tires Andrew Rims/Wheels acdcfan56 Misc rockgod88 Steele fernBurn crazyman444 iZonarYT Andrew
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    Version 1.0.0


    The track I made for me and @Austin Dahlgren's league we run with some friends. Made this track by putting fun first, so that's why there are some textures that are a bit under the quality that I usually put out. Don't worry though, I've got plenty more high quality content coming out soon! Was not planning on releasing this, but I try and release every track I made. Have fun! A video of the actual event will be posted once it's ran this coming Friday.
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    Template has been updated as of May 5th, 2020 to have the new website logo included! A new example is shown below.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Back in the day, Monster Jam and various other promoters would feature autocross/democross and demolition derby events during their shows, but there has never been a proper recreation of that event in Rigs of Rods. Until now, that is. Me and JackMProductions took Pricorde's original Dodge Monaco Police Car and turned it into a full-blown demolition derby racer. With one dozen different inspired skins, there's plenty to choose from if you want to have your own full-contact democross race online or for any of your events. These cars are very sluggish and don't go very fast, but that's just how Pricorde programmed them back in 2005. Anything over 2nd gear will gradually slow the car down, so stay in 1st and 2nd. They are also very ugly and sound like they're about to fall apart, which is part of their appeal. They handle awkwardly, they're slow, they're RWD only, and they look bad. What else could you ask for in a democross pack? Many thanks to Blaise for giving the cars proper collisions, seeing as they had no proper submesh before. Be advised that these cars don't collide perfectly when used online. They have a tendency to get stuck inside one another, but most of the time they handle as they should. Inside the zip are 3 separate files that all go into your mods folder individually. You must extract them all in order for this mod to work. Other than that, there are no special instructions for this car. Just drive it to destruction.
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    You're getting better with each one, nicely done! I want to echo Chris' suggestion of baking. A simple shadow bake gives the model much more depth and a sense of realism. Also nice work on the 3D crowd! Next time I would move the texture map in the texture panel in Blender to the right or left so that each row of spectators isn't the exact same copy of people. You can still copy and duplicate the faces in the Blender model/mesh but move the texture map so each row doesn't have red shirt guy sitting next to white shirt guy over and over. Last thing, something I've noticed on a few of your recent tracks are the car textures. The detail in the actual texture seems to disappear when you add a color to it. I suggest to use the car/vehicle textures off of Chris' Show Jam 2020, Jack Merkle's Tampa 2007, or any of Danny's Sim-Monsters All Star Challenge tracks, then in your photo editor move the hue/color tone which would change the blue colored car texture, to a red colored texture (depending on where the slider is on the color wheel or scale). I do this for all of my car/vehicle textures that way the detail in the texture isn't lost but the color of the car/vehicle texture is changed.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This track was made by Frank (monsterjam0000) several years ago! I textured it, added new cars, 3d crowd, wheelchair ramp and a race script! I also made a crappy VW Transporter model so yeah..
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    It took me a second...
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    Version 1.0.0


    File name is Copenhagen just to make it easier for everyone that don't have the Ø. Brøndby is basicly in Copenhagen anyway... Did some more bakes on this one. Not sure if it really made much difference but oh well. Credits to Frank for taking a picture of the gravedigger.com banner in 2006, making it easy for me to paint over it!
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    Version 1.0.0


    First event ever held in Sweden! I tried doing the 3d crowd on this one... didn't turn out as well as it could have, but i don't really care. The track itself is the most important part to me! Credits: Stadium model: Me Cars: DannyMackey Wallbanners: Me Trees: blenderblock (Turbosquid) Various textures: RockCrwlr, maxdman, google, Me
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    The body is too wide, besides that thanks for the upload.
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    And now for something completely different Big thanks to @Edy and @Mark Colineri for the help getting this to be one of the best looking projects I've made, super excited to get this closer to finished
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    those tracks look way more fun to drive on then current day tracks 😛
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    Working on some european tracks. Stockholm 2013, Brøndby (Copenhagen) 2008 and Stockholm 2004
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    I need to add a few things to the truck graphic. Just a few more ideas.
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    I found out it was just my pc, it works fine now
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    World Finals 18 Racing, The other sim Monster All Star Challenge tracks, and there may be a few others
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    It would be awesome with ROR to do a MTM & MTM 2 Remix. I was bless to beta test those two games thanks to Yestman & KC back in the day. I still have MTM 2 Beta disk some where in a box. Keep up the great work EDY!
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    Thats Beyond awesome. Thats what i'm talking about more circuit tracks are coming i hope lol manely MTM2 era
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    Some trucks just dont have sound.
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    The J button works in mines, but it can't go forward & back.
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    Probably my best paint to date for ROR. Will be hopefully done soonish.
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    Thank you! This means so much. Read my comment for my personal story that i shared, which is the reason i love this so much.

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